Empathy Reduce Conflict – Empathy is something others say from their point of view, their understanding and their feelings, or what they sometimes say “one kilometer from home”. When we can empathize with others, we are much better positioned to face them. Conflict is a natural outcome that comes from diverse perspectives and perspectives on the challenges we face all day. However, a lack of empathy with others can reinforce and intensify conflicts, and prejudices are stereotyped and frightening better understanding the barriers that block our empathic tendencies, we can increase our ability to reduce and resolve conflicts. The Social Identity Theory (SIT) is a school of thought in social psychology where we derive most of our self-esteem from the groups in which we belong. SIT shows how many decisions are personal and express the identity of their groups and the needs of their groups.

Have you been disappointed? – I’m sure you have that, we all have that. We are disappointed with the promises that people make but do not keep; We are frustrated with their behavior because we did not expect them to be like that! Or we are disappointed with a group/organization/company/service provider, etc. If we are disappointed, we think it is the fault of the other party. We blame them and we care about them, we want them to assume their responsibilities and do good, up to our expectations. See where is the problem? Our expectations of people and organizations are in our hearts and minds. We define these expectations in them. Although many boasts of these expectations but do not answer them, how do we treat them? So let me tell you one by one. First, we need to understand and apply the fundamental principle of the next life that saves you a lot of headaches, headaches, time and energy. WE CAN NOT CONSULT US THINGS. BUT WE CAN CHECK HOW WE RESPOND TO ALL SITUATIONS.

Size Matters – What Is Your Size? – Does size matter? The answer to this question is timidly discussed and the jokes of a size never end. The jokes are not lacking, because the solution that size is important, causes fear and disrupts the self-confidence of men and women. While men are looking for larger women, they want smaller sizes, clothes sizes. Female diet, self-criticism, thousands of weight loss supplements, while men order their waist supplements online. Size is important, but it’s time for us to use a different measurement instrument, not based on thumbs, but on love for oneself and happiness. For years, my height ranged from 0 to 6 years, depending on my stress level. In times of stress, I controlled my environment with food, and strangely punished my body for lack of control. When my husband left me for another woman, the snapshot coach at the gym, I checked my anger and depression with food or rather with a refusal to eat. My appetite went down and if I lost weight, my distorted mentality of “If only I was thinner, it would be more desirable” and “If it were perfect, life would be perfect”.When Body Narrowed, life did not become more perfect when my body narrowed, life did not become more perfect, it turned into chaos. The safety pins have kept my clothes in my soft body. As the threat of divorce increased, my appetite decreased … and I declined.

Hug Your Loved Ones… Leave Everyone Else Alone! – By taking into account all the stories of inappropriate or unwanted contact, it may be time to re-evaluate the way we treat our personal space. I grew up in the sixties and seventies when greetings go no further than a handshake. A firm handshake for the boys and a gentle handshake for the girls. Cuddles and kisses were reserved for family members who encouraged them or the people with whom they went. However, boys will be boys and girls will be unpredictable. The lessons of my childhood most of the children I grew up with behaved in public. Not kissing, holding hands, or having inappropriate physical contact at school helped the students to indulge in behavior that conformed to the standards of the community of the day. However, it was difficult for boys and girls to resist the urges of puberty. To make matters worse, many of us imitate what we saw on television. All the children in my neighborhood grew up together. It was very suburban, although it was only a twenty-minute drive from New York. It’s not typical of most suburbs, we had shops, restaurants, a bowling center and more than a block from our home on Long Island. I was often asked to accompany my friend Jayne or some of the other girls who lived on the street at the store.

Dealing With Emotional Triggers – I write this article because I realized that when I was going through a difficult season in my life and following the emotional healing process, something and even someone sometimes happened. spiral because it has generated a negative memory or a moment of life that holds strong emotions. When the time was over, I began to wonder what I could do to not be undermined by the emotional triggers of my life. This has a lot to do with your thought process that works with your emotions. I healed my soul and it was crucial for this process to manage my thinking and its impact on my life. Most of the time, I’m positive, but a long season of growing pains has caused many injuries in my soul. I made the decision not to see my wounds and a healthy soul that starts by getting rid of the negative thoughts that bombarded me. To do this, I began to pray and seek God for wisdom and the solution to face the pain in my soul, I have to Deal with emotional triggers.

Embrace the Haters – Having enemies simply means that you are on the right track to achieving your goals and dreams. When encountering an enemy, try replacing your idea with a “detour” or “performance” sign, but never replace the idea of an enemy with the sign. Indeed, an enemy reminds the higher realms to continue their journey. Those who hate have the ability to often see your potential for someone else. You will find two types of enemies, but both have the same mentality. The first type, I call it the inferiority complex, full of resentment. The next difficulty to Embrace the Haters is to face The second type is the superiority complex that you hate. The inferiority complex that the enemy feels consciously threatened by the talents, gifts, and talents of others often makes it a priority to look for weaknesses. Minimizing others with their perverse thoughts, perceptions, and unfounded opinions raises your ego because they lack vision, creativity, and low self-esteem. On the contrary, the Superiority Complex hates hatred just because of the emotional need to feel superior. Without knowing it, this type of enemy is threatened by other talents, gifts, and abilities.

Forgiveness Brings Love – My meditative thought for today is to treat others and myself with kindness, love, respect, and compassion. It sounds easy enough, but sometimes, little things can cause an unreasonable response. Recently, I was put on hold for an unusually long time with an online discussion team assistant. It was the second consecutive day I tried to call their staff, because the day before, they had broken my head after more than an hour of waiting. My computer did not allow me to connect to this program, although I was sure to use the correct password.My generally tolerant individual went from 0 to 50 in an instant when the person logged in and said he could not help me and he had to wait 24 hours longer because he had tried to connect several times. I replied that I thought that the previous version of the program that worked better worked better than this new annoying update and that they did NOT help me. Yes, I used uppercase letters for the word no, as if I was screaming, they listened more and arranged everything magically. Frustrated that they could not help me, I finally hung up and felt a weight in my body.