Loving a woman – It’s not easy for a man to do it, but it’s not that difficult either. I think in this case it’s not about her (the mistake, the responsibility or the result), but more about us. Love is not something you want, but only something you choose and do. How to love a woman these are the ways loving a woman, Let’s put it in context: Take responsibility – not protagonismTo love a woman does not just love her literally. It is to understand what concerns you and to make these concerns yours, not visible, no, it is the easiest part. For example, if you take responsibility for your work problems and make them visible so that you can see that you’re there to support them, then it’s a way to pretend (or imitate). When you pull the strings to make your project work, without being present or claiming the honor, when you appreciate its virtues and you show it in public without your knowledge, or when you are at night works to stimulate your dream like magic? this time and many other times, you love him.

Can Two People be Loved at The Same Time? – This is the question I recently asked my audience on my radio show. Most of the people who called said it was not possible, but there were some who said the opposite. Even psychologists disagree on this very controversial issue. Some say you can and others just deny it. A radio listens to me and says, “I have the perfect wife, she is a wonderful mother, an excellent woman and she is also very good at bed, but I have a loved one and I love them both”I do not doubt that this boy can love these two women. People have the ability to feel love for many people at the same time. Do not we want our children, parents, brothers, and sisters at the same time? However, to love and to love is not the same thing. Those who think they are in love with two people at the same time, I invite you to answer the following questions to find out who they prefer both. If you answer affirmatively in all, I assure you that you are the one you love.

Resolve Conflicts Between Co-Workers – Touch does not always make love. Sometimes the opposite happens. Spending many hours together, under heavy doses of stress and stress, gives rise to specific stress situations and can in the worst case generate real open wars between colleagues. A recent study by Universia reveals that in 88% of cases, companies do not react to situations of this conflict. It is could harm the employees. work environment and even the work environment not acting is not an option. Consultants, human resources experts, and consulting firms have attempted to define specific action. Based on his recommendations, we have prepared this Decalogue for conflicting Between Co-Workers: Detect the problem quickly and act immediately. If you notice a conflict between your collaborators, do not act as a spectator. Monster experts warn that “an unresolved conflict can lead to something worse”. Examine the problem and gather the employees as quickly as possible to try to resolve it.

How to talk about politics without fighting with friends and family – This has happened to many: a family reunion or between friends ends in the worst case when it comes to the policy area. The responsibility lies with the leaders who use a speech that is polarized like the United States with Donald Trump. The subject is so tiring that many people have broken friendships or isolated themselves from their families. The case is a bad symptom because the democratic process is fueled by the exchange of ideas. Former Secretary of Labor Robert Reich proposed in 10 points to end the fighting and enrich the dialogue that leads to change. These ways to talk about politics without fighting with friends and family avoid people who think differently. You have to Avoid people who think differently who end up isolating themselves and whose idea is to feed on the knowledge of others.

Surviving Bad Times – This article outlines the steps necessary to survive in difficult times. This idea can help you stay safe. They can help you develop under the right conditions. Overcoming FearIf you freeze in fear, you can not do much to help yourself. Your fear comes from things that are basically unfamiliar. The information in this article describes the various options available. Knowing your possibilities, you can take your prospects to the point of focus. This will help you to get rid of your fears. You need to get rid of the fear to make wise decisions and act bravely. Get rid of your fear! He can not help you. Only he can stop you. Note that some people can build new businesses that are successful during the Great Depression. They get rid of fear and take decisive action in a negative situation. Review your status once you eliminate fear, the next step is to assess your current situation.

Letting Go is Not giving up, But Accepting what cannot be – Although it seems at first sight that the world comes to us, we must let go of evil so that good things come to letting go is the most natural process of life. However, it is complex and one of those who cause us the most suffering. break a relationship. Losing a loved one. Change habits. Change of work. leave our place of residence. These are all remote controls that we will experience at some point in our life cycle. This is something for which no one has prepared us and we are learning almost “by force”.No magic formula can help each of us better deal with the situation. These are situations characterized by detachment, by emotional pain that, if not properly managed, can lead to depression, for example.

Do not Punish Yourself – The person is a mix of experience and constant change. A body that grows, ages and ages. Emotions that are confused every day. A reality that changes inside and out. We are never the same as yesterday, last week or last month. For this reason, it is useless to want to punish us for our past mistakes, to insist on what we are wrong, to censure, to criticize ourselves. We must begin to realize that we are wrong because of a problem that no longer exists. When we have little confidence in our abilities and suffer from them, we waste time and many energies that reject a part of ourselves that has already changed. Being unstable, blaming, feeling rejected or not acting are reactions you should not follow for a mistake. You will be even more tortured and likely to repeat again. You’d better think that you acted on the level of understanding you had at the time, even if it does not match what you have today.