Dear Husband, This is What I Have Never Told You and I Need You – Between two beautiful dreams, she listens to her alarm clock at six in the morning, this is the hour at which her routine begins. She gets up slowly so as not to wake her husband who sleeps peacefully beside her; He takes a bath and prepares to go to work. Sometimes he usually writes a letter and wishes him a great day. In the afternoon, she rushes home, because she has to prepare the food and take her husband to work. After having seen him for a moment, he says goodbye to him with a kiss, that he loves her and that he waits for her at the end of his working day. When they arrive at nine o’clock in the morning, she waits anxiously; sometimes, she puts on makeup, bathes and perfumes her body while she prepares her cup of coffee and her dinner. Different ways to loveThey have 14 years of marriage, enough time to learn what are their different ways of showing their love. She knows that he keeps the series at his side, cooks exotic dishes and every night he takes her in his arms.

He Really Loves you By Doing These Things – As my grandmother has always said, “every head is a different world”, and conjugal relationships are proof of that. Even the author John Gray in the book “Men come from Mars, women of Venus” confirms the different forms of communication between the sexes. Just as a woman thinks that her husband must know the art of loving to better understand it, men must think the same way. However, this is the relationship of the couple: complex, subjective and somewhat complicated. More than once, I’ve heard stories of women constantly complaining because their husbands do not understand them because they have raised false expectations. Because of this, they experience an accumulation of emotions such as sadness, disappointment, and disappointment. However, it is not about understanding the couple or thinking the same way to find happiness, but to do things and generate actions that strengthen love. For example, it may be very important for you to always tell yourself that you love and for your husband, the most important thing is to get a hug from you.

Consumerism in The World of Fashion – There is a problem that many of us do not overcome and we want to talk about today. Consumerism in the world of fashion is becoming more than a worrying phenomenon. Unfortunately, we are talking about something more than a constraint. We are confronted with a phenomenon studied in depth by social psychology. The world of fashion, especially in Western countries, has changed dramatically in a few years. What we see is only the tip of the iceberg of a problem of international concern and devastating consequences for a very large part of the population. The extraordinary documentary The True Cost, beautifully directed by Andrew Morgan and recently released on Netflix, shows us the true price of a breathtaking reality. The truth is that we think for many years that we can buy a lot more clothes because prices have dropped. This, which seemed like good news for almost everyone (and some room for maneuver in the tight economies that many people face today), seems to be one of the most deadly economic strategies that people are experiencing. today.

Is it Normal to Get Bored With The Couple? – Boredom is not a scourge, but a condition quite normal at certain moments of life. The boredom of the couple only meant that it was time to introduce novelties and variants to reactivate the relationship. Boredom is as normal as being bored with work, family, obligations, or any other reality in life. Let’s start by saying that boredom is not a state as horrible or as negative as many people think. It’s like the flu: no one is spared from an occasional case. We can define boredom as a state devoid of interest or motivation. Etymologically, it comes from the Latin root ab, which means “without”; and horror, which means “horror”. So from the etymological point of view, it would be something like “to be without horror”.The boredom of the couple, the work, the friends, whatever it is, is quite normal under certain circumstances. It’s just a consequence, not a problem in itself. Just like the night makes it possible to value the day, and conversely, the periods of fatigue make it possible to evaluate differently the novelty.

Five Signs that Your Wife no Longer Wants You as Before – If you suspect that this is happening to them, it is better to ask and talk, because suspicion may be incorrect and lead to fighting. Sexual desire is a human impulse present in men and women. Feeling it or not is something quite commonplace, so let’s give you here five signs that your wife does not want you anymore as before. It is thought that men have more or more sexual desires simply because they are men and that it is a hormonal problem, but that’s not true, what happens is that they enjoy greater freedom to express that desire. On the other hand, if women feel it in the same proportions, it is not very clear that they say it, let alone strive to satisfy it. We thus see that women feel guilty when they feel a desire or feel a desire conditioned by what is expected of them. This same guilt gradually leads them to deny their desire, to pretend that it does not exist, to reduce it, so that it becomes a self-fulfilling prophecy that the faith of women is not so sexual.

Do not Ever send These Seven Photos to a Man – Not only the intimate enter, there are some images to watch if you abuse, you should not send these pictures to a man is common that when you feel close to each other, take pictures, share and talk about women, you should know that there are some pictures that you should not send to men. To be honest, the Internet is a double-edged sword. Sometimes this can be to our advantage and sometimes the reason you should not send photos to a man is that they always receive them. well. And it’s not about intimate photos, there are some that you can call normal and that goes into the list of seven that you would rather miss or not always send. Seven photos that you do not always have to send to a man pictures always did women like to see how makeup transforms us and we are pretty, but it is not good to send pictures to a man like this and to emphasize that they are natural, it’s because we can get used to it and although they like the natural, it scares you.

How to Show Your Partner that You Care – Do not give things for granted or given. We must take care of love and the routine is his main enemy. So show your partner that you care for them every day. When did you show your partner for the last time that you loved him? Stress and daily obligations lead us to a state in which, let’s face it, we care little about our relationship. However, love must be received, it must be spoiled and strengthened. That’s why today we present 5 ways to show your partner that you love him. Show your partner that you careLike that. One of the most common mistakes in a relationship is taking things for granted. In this way, the monsters of love gradually disappear and the couple finds themselves in a routine. In extreme cases, even at separation and break.