What are The Emotional Dreams? – You have to feel really scared, you must observe your fear of tightening your back muscles and tightening your heart, you should feel a rage that does not allow you to master or experiment Do you think they mistreated you in a dream? Or are you naked and reminiscent of many people? Is someone crying or angry because they hurt you? Do you want to kill someone in the dream? This is called an “emotional dream.”In your daily life, you are overwhelmed by many events that trigger an emotional response that is not always perceived. In fact, you often think that what someone says or does not affect you or how you handle it. Did not you do it when you were a kid? To get rid of everything? Indeed, it is true that survival learning has implicitly adopted specific strategies, sometimes unintentionally developed to escape the stronger expression of “your personalized personality.”In childhood, this strategy has been instrumental in preserving life and mental health.

Can Women and Men be Just Friends? – This is a growing problem in the academic world and especially in the psychological world. Gender equality has brought many changes, like the way we connect. Women and men now share many aspects of their lives with the same thing, but can they be friends? Evolutionary psychology seems to understand why this does not always work, but more and more people choose unequal sex partners. The answer that we find in almost everything is the ability of people to get to know each other and get to know each other. Without this ability, women and men may misinterpret the signs. This is one of the biggest obstacles, so we can only be friends without a romantic comedy between them. In fact, it seems that this ability is the basis of true friendship between a man and a woman. How do we get to know a friend? Although we know what friendship is, it is important to know that friendship has different nuances for men and women.

Do not Let Them Take The Reins of Your Life – My grandmother was a widow at the age of 39 and until the day of her death, at the age of 67, my grandfather missed her. Her life as a couple was not perfect, but all the dead ends and problems they had before they were together were able to overcome her. My mother says that she often saw him in mourning, but did not have to ask why she knew it because my grandfather was gone. My mother is an orphan of father and mother; I lost my grandfather when I lost a 14-year-old girl and 29 years later, my grandmother when she was already a woman. My mother says that losing parents is something that can not be overcome so easily, you can continue to live, but every day you remember and can not wait to see them again. Is it normal to miss someone so often? It could be said that this is part of human nature. There are memories and experiences that have been so enjoyable and that have left us so happy memories,

Does your partner Cheating? These 8 Keys to Know – Being faithful to one’s partner is undoubtedly one of the basic pillars of a relationship. When trust is lost because of infidelity, it is difficult to be healthy again and to make the relationship work again. Now, complicated is not synonymous with impossible, so some couples overcome this bump and regain stability. We are more and more unbelieversScientific studies show that infidelity increases, especially among women. According to an article recently published in El Confidencial, one woman in three cheats on her partner. This Spanish newspaper, along with this news, is a reflection of a study conducted by the French Institute of Public Opinion (FIFG). The study included a sample of 3,406 individuals, who were assessed for their motivations, dispositions, and resistance to adultery. And the numbers keep increasing in terms of female infidelity

Arras in Marriage – One of the most important moments of a wedding is the sending of arras, but the real meaning is very different from the beginning. Read on to recognize history and tradition. Marriage is full of symbols that represent promises, desires, unity, and surrender. One of them is the arenas considered representative of the couple’s material and spiritual well-being. The arrangement is full of emotions and meanings that go beyond the coins. The man transfers his wealth to the woman and returns it. In addition, the realization of this action took the blessings of the descendants of the association and the priests. Like the rings that symbolize the agreements, the arras represents the actions of sharing everything. “My property is mine and mine.” Well-being is shared. They also want abundance for the future. What is Arras? Ark takes thirteen mines, 12 gold coins, and silver and takes a child to an altar in a basket or bowl. After the wedding ceremony, the godfather gives the bride to give them the bride.

Die of Love  – There are various themes or expressions on the subject of love that are lost in our minds and help us think. Here are some examples and differences: “I’m almost in love”In general, we say that we have the impression of dying before disintegrating, die of love. We are not just songs and other works of art that support us and help us. They followed the same path. But what is common? The couple consists of two adults. Adults can take care of themselves. If we feel we are dead because the other is no longer there or decided not to continue the relationship, it is because we are not really in love with adults. We are still open for the love of a child. Because yes, a child can die before being abandoned. A baby dies of lack of love. Adults may feel sadness (logical and natural if contact is interrupted) and not die indoors.”Love can do anything”We believe that love can do anything in movies, TV shows, and children’s costumes. It can handle all the setbacks. If we give it all and we are there, loving, then win.

My Boyfriend Left Me Because I Was Not a Virgin – My friend was very enthusiastic because, in the end, we wanted to commit ourselves, we came out of a piece and we never did it because of a conflict between us, he always apologized to me and I said, “She did not rush my love.”Well, the truth that I’m happy that he respects me a lot and told me that if one day something happened, it would really be a special moment. After seven months, he told me that he wanted to marry meUnexpecting question and I said hey, but if it’s not you that you gave me and I want to get married. In my house, I looked good because he is a gentleman, always well dressed and I was very well executing the truth with my parents. I said that I never had intimacy, I quickly went to get the ring, told me that I would like to have my taste, so my father took me into account, Pel, to such a special jewel.