The Same Way (Part 1) – You could say, Rambo, is a very lucky man. Why not, with a face on the 7/10 level and a mediocre brain, he can become the main director at a publishing company besides that he can also marry Sarah as his wife. Sarah is not an ordinary woman, she is a special woman. Not only beautiful, but she is also independent, understanding and painstaking in managing the household. But Rambo is a depraved man, with all the “perfect” wife gifts he got, he was still tempted to cheat. And the bastard, he cheated on Amy, a friend near Sarah his wife.The affair began when Rambo took Sarah to visit Amy’s house. Somehow, there is something strange in Rambo’s heart when he faces Amy. His heartfelt pounding. He felt there was something else from Amy, something he could not find in Sarah’s figure.

Surprise on Rambo’s Birthday (Part 2) – In the afternoon, when He got home from work, Rambo was intercepted by Jennifer in the front lobby. “Sir, wait a minute,” he said.”What’s wrong, Jennifer?””Sir, today is your 40th birthday, what if we celebrate it?””Celebrating my birthday? Where do you want to be celebrated? “”If it’s in my apartment, how is it?”Rambo’s dirty thoughts suddenly appeared. Seeing Jennifer, his young and sexy secretary, it was difficult for Rambo to refuse the offer.”It’s okay, why not!”

Surprise on Rambo’s Birthday (Part 1) – Twelve March, Rambo started his day with joy, because Twelve March was his 40th birthday. For Rambo, 40 was a very important and special age. He always believes in the phrase “Life begins at 40”, a new life begins at the age of 40.At the age of 40 years, Rambo has arguably been very happy both career and household. He now holds the position of managing director at one of the major publishing companies in his city, whereas his marriage is quite happy, Rambo married to Sarah a beautiful and independent woman and has been blessed with a 5-year-old daughter named Shakira.

Fart Strategy (Part 2) – Maggie is a middle-aged woman aged 45 years. She was a neighbor near Sarah and Rambo. Her house is just 50 meters from the House of Sarah and Rambo. She has been married twice. Well, the experience is a matter of marriage that is what makes Sarah decided to consult with Maggie. “Maggie, my husband it seemed nymphomaniac””What do you mean by Nymphomaniac?””Nymphomaniac, every night Rambo makes love until two or three times, and it’s every day. I was so overwhelmed to deal with it.”

Fart Strategy – As a new bride, do not be surprised if Rambo and Sarah have sex every night, as married couples who marry at the age of mature enough, they don’t want to delay having children. Each night, the two of them can have sex two to three times. Even up to five times in one night is also supported as it still has good stamina.This lasted for a few months. At first, Sarah didn’t mind, Sarah even enjoys associated sex with her husband every night. But the next day, Sarah increasingly feel that way of making love between her and her husband were at a level that is too frequent and excessive. Other couples may just once, but he and Rambo could have gotten three times. So, she later reveals the inconvenience Rambo, her husband.

The Story of Infidelity (Part 2)  – However, the established life cannot necessarily be fun Rambo and Sarah. They feel their home life is incomplete for the third year of their marriage, they do not have offspring. It’s become its own burden in their household. Rambo and Sarah have followed all the advice of his friends in order to immediately get the children. Starting from physical therapy, drinking the traditional herb, to consulting a doctor, but still failed to get the offspring.As The husband of a full understanding and loving, Rambo trying to comfort his wife Sarah to be patient facing this reality.

The Story of Infidelity – – Rambo and Sarah could be is the ideal partner. Both fall in love with each other since they were in high school. Both parents also happen to be good friends and had a close relationship. Then, no wonder so graduated high school, both of which are already directly was betrothed and eventually marry after each graduated.Rambo was the first child, he was a man who was actually not too handsome. Well, if a scale of 1 to 10, Rambo only exists in the value 7. Whereas if Sarah, she was an idol of the school. Very beautiful, from the time entered high school, she has become the target of the male students in his school, and Rambo is one of them.