Never regret being a good person – Sarah considers herself a good woman, but she feels sad and discouraged because some people around her say that she is not good, that she is stupid and that people are mistreating her. Sarah is not stupid, she realizes that some people have abused their trust and their goodwill and yes, sometimes the feeling is a little disappointed because people who do favors or treats do not react so good with kindness. But what hurts most is that others think they lack intelligence and try to scam it. Some good friends who liked it suggested that they had less confidence in themselves or less malice and did not allow people to abuse their trust. Has something similar happened to you? Did you do well and did you answer the opposite? And more importantly, how did you feel? Do you have a disappointment or do you feel betrayed? If at any point you felt this, I would ask you to come with me to discuss some very interesting ideas about kindness and the reasons to be nice:1 Kindness is a feeling that arises because we love to care for others and make them feel goodOne of the many miracles of man is that wonderful feeling that bubbles in the heart and invites us to do what is good for others.

How to Denounce an Abusive Partner – What can help us make the decision to report our partner? Today, we will discover some tips for filing a complaint, as we recommend to anyone facing the same situation. Reporting an insulting partner seems simple when this situation is experienced by another person. However, when this happens in our own flesh, justifications (many irrational and absurd) prevent us from making that decision. That’s why today we are going to discover some tips that can help us. There are currently many options and resources available to report an abusive partner. However, we remain reluctant to use them. With these 4 tips, let’s see how we can use them to protect ourselves from these harmful relationships. How to report an abusive partner below is a series of tips and useful ideas: Get on family and friendsIf we have a violent relationship, we often do not want to see reality. Our friends and family may have told us that this person is not good for us and we must leave. The truth is they are right.

We do not Need Many Friends, but Real Friends – Maria was busy all day. Go from one place to another with the agenda fully processed. Finish the day and is isolated in his apartment. Dinner only something that was left in the fridge of a previous day, and entertains watching a rather interesting series. She is a successful professional, but sometimes she can not help but feel a little lonely. Has this happened to you? According to various studies, according to El País newspaper, about one in three people in Western countries would often feel alone. Our world of direct communication and sympathy suffers from an epidemic of loneliness. Only in a world of virtual interaction according to another study that analyzes relationships of friendship and loneliness, the friends we talk about in our lives and our relationship with them thirty years later can predict loneliness, well-being, and depression. Do we need these friends for our journey through life? I must say that many people live like Maria. Live daily with superficial relationships. It is very common that, subject to so much stress, we limit to the minimum professional, family and social obligations

Emotional Maturity – A few days ago, I had an unpleasant experience. but like all situations in life, he left me a precious lesson. Some social networks can form groups where people meet if they have the same taste. In a group of those in favor of a film, the majority of those present mentioned the death of one of the most beloved characters. I started reading the comments on this debate and I discovered that of a girl about 13 years old who wrote that she was very sad (the text reflected her feelings) because of several events in this movie. In my years, I understand that during puberty we tend to suffer for things that do not make sense, and this event was exactly that. It seemed fair to me to give a “mature” opinion on the situation and offer some comfort. But in the middle of such a drama, I took mine not to “play the game” and feel sorry for his pain. The response was aggressive, but I was not surprised. It’s not that I do not understand that someone can suffer from things like that;

Loneliness in Love – We know that love does not concern the solitude of the remedy, there is only SOMS. There is no worse suffering than the love of having found our life suddenly in the solitude of indifference, measuring the distance in the cold emotional feeling. You are by my side, but I do not feel you. Loneliness can be devastating; It is almost as if you perceive that a window has been opened, allowing you to penetrate at the same time the passion of the interest, the complicity dying once enlightened caressing smiles disappeared. Almost without you knowing how to die Indifference, a sudden hostility of reproach in looks seeking to die is avoided from afar. I give both, I receive there is one thing we would like to doubt without all dying love, we would admit that someone of the same intensity would be sent back (I GIVE both, I receive). We think that the feeling of absolute balance in affective relationships is enormous.

Why You Should Meditate if You Suffer Stress – A few months ago, it was recommended to Laura, a young Madrilenian businesswoman, to try meditation. Meditate, me? Why? Why? He asked his doctor about his suggestion to practice mindfulness. The answers were in front of her eyes, even though she could not “read” them at that time. She was a professional and socially successful woman, with a stable partner who was planning to become a mother someday … But what was wrong with her life in perfect appearance? He was worried about every new challenge in the business. The recent increase in work had accelerated the pace of work and had begun to get heartburn when he took office. To make matters worse, her boyfriend then proposed marriage, a fact that, in addition to fulfilling her happiness, had added marriage preparation to her many activities. I was literally on the verge of a nervous breakdown. Diagnostic? Stress. Does it sound? The busy and fast life, typical of most Spaniards living in big cities, is vulnerable to stress syndrome. More specifically, stress has been disrupting nine out of ten years of productive age and affecting 42% of them in a continuous and frequent manner.

How to Deal With Satire Without Using Emotions – Have you ever had a friend who satirized? What do you always hurt your eyes to constantly insinuate? Disabling is really unpleasant, especially if you think you are the one who is suggested. However, it is not necessary to face it emotionally, there are different ways to deal with satire without arousing discussion. We are often moved when we are insinuated by others. The reactions to the satire of the face vary reprimand, confrontation with persons insinuating or who are silent of fear. Bacaterus has 10 ways to manage innuendo without engaging emotions or violenceHow to handle satireClarification of the inhabitants of the neighborhood is not necessary for you to explain everyone in detail when you are involved in public. Let people judge themselves for your behavior so far. To solve the problem of satire, you must immediately clean with the person closest to you.