Dichotomous Thinking and Authoritarian Personality – Either you do what I say or you are against me. What I say and think is the only truth, the rest is a lie or nonsense. This type of reasoning defines the authoritarian person, whose thinking is always dichotomous and rigid. Dichotomous thinking defines the people who construct their reality according to categories. For them, everything is white or black, good or bad, whether you are on their side or against them. This tendency to evaluate what surrounds them on the basis of such extreme or polarized concepts very often defines a clear authoritarian profile with which it is very complicated to live together. Absolute terms are not as abundant as we think in our social universe. It’s something we need to understand in the first place. That is to say, experience always shows us that absolute happiness, for example, is not possible. Also, people are never completely good or completely bad. Our reality is changing, complex, full of nuances, and being able to accept all this variability is the key to well-being and intelligence.

The Power of Inspiration of The Soul – If we want to reach our soul-inspired power and live a life with purpose, passion and unlimited potential, we must first remember that we are souls and that we have a body. It is rather ironic that even though we are divine beings and come from a source and source of divine inspiration, many of us spend most of our lives trying to find it. Are we going to think about it?       When we recognize that we are a soul and not just a purely physical body, we believe that there is no limit to what we can accomplish. When we begin to live and see the world from the level of the soul, we acquire a perspective of higher consciousness and a deeper understanding of our purpose of life, of the nature of the world, of humanity, in particular of our fellows. Part of this learning to understand the power of Alma inspiration will lead us to feel the sense of intuition, to recognize and appreciate the energy of love as an important expression of Alma’s feeling.

Overcoming a Break: How Much Time Do We Really Need? – Do you have to overcome a sentimental breakup and feel stuck in an ocean of sadness? You must devote time to your interior to reach oblivion and open the door to love again overcoming a break-up is a process in which almost all people spend at some point in their lives. It is a period of mourning necessary to accept the loss of the partner with whom they had planned the whole future. During the different stages, emotions fluctuate from one extreme to another at a speed that submerges. Mood states are altered without individuals being able to understand what is happening. Although those in this situation know they must forget, they can not easily balance their inner selves. You want to overcome a break and everyone is talking to you about the time in general, family members who are trying to comfort and guide their friend in this difficult task of overcoming a break-up recommend that you take a little time.

Technostress: The Consequences of Abusing New Technologies – Always connected, always available, always in “multitask mode”. These current arrangements can make us overwhelmed and alarmed. This is called “technostress”. In severe cases, it can even be addictive. New technologies have brought about change at every level, from social to cultural to economic. There is no doubt that its benefits, both communicationally and interpersonally and informally, are multiple and make life much easier. However, poor management of their use, as well as the time we devote to it, can lead to different types of problems, such as nomophobia, FOMO syndrome or technical stress. Then we dive into it. What is technostress? In 1984, Craig Brod described this phenomenon for the first time as “an adaptive disease caused by a lack of ability to manage new computer technologies in a healthy way”.Larry Rosen and Michele Well told in 1997 that popularized the term through their book Technostress: Dealing with Technology @ Work @ Home @ Play.

Can You be Totally Honest with The Couple? – Often, you can not or can not be completely honest with the couple because the truth can result in unnecessary conflict or unnecessary inconvenience. Lying is reprehensible if it ends selfishly or offensively. If we really want to be honest, let’s start by saying that there are many contradictions in the area of ​​sincerity. This is especially true for the question of sincerity in the couple. In theory, this is one of the great virtues of a relationship. In practice, complete sincerity sometimes causes stitches and wounds that are hard to forgive. Suppose also that no one can be absolutely sincere at any time of his life. There are many little lies that are told with the intention of giving the other person a pleasant feeling. That the dress is excellent, if you hardly notice the difference with another costume, but you realize that it does not feel safe. Or that the blunder was not terrible, because deep down, you know he made a huge mistake. They are what we call white or godly lies.

How to Overcome an Emotional Breakdown – If we focus too much on each other, it may be harder to overcome the emotional pause. Instead of being incomplete, we have to make sure all others complete us.We’ve all had emotional depression. However, it is very difficult to go there. That is why we will find out how to deal with the emotional pause in the best possible way. What we need to calculate, whether we like it or not, will definitely win the game. However, this will be a prerequisite for overcoming emotional depression.AcceptAccept what is more difficult to overcome emotional breakdowns. We refuse to accept what happened in the beginning, we will get angry, get angry, then we will regret it. But this is the truth.Sometimes, if emotional disturbances result from the end of a relationship, we may have some expectations. However, if we negotiate the possibility of getting back into the relationship and that happens, we will step back.It is normal to encounter a host of unpleasant feelings and feelings. But that does not mean that we have to escape, ignore or hide. You should see them and accept them. Only then can we continue.

How to Reduce Arguments with Your Spousal – Spousal discussions deteriorate the relationship if they become constant and lose fundamental aspects such as trust. Do not forget these 7 tips to improve your relationship. Over the years, relationships can be subject to daily wear and tear. That’s why it’s important to always try to reduce conflict with your partner in the small details. In this article, we think about the issues that have the greatest impact on coexistence in relationships. With some guidance, patience, and affection, you can reduce the fight with your partner and be happier. These are the secrets to reduce arguments with your Spousal1. Learn to speak without getting angry first of all, it is essential to lay the foundation for harmony and respect in every couple, even in moments of maximum tension. There are red lines that should never be exceeded. Learning to speak without being angry is a fundamental and necessary requirement in any relationship.