Low Sexual Desire and The Impact on Relationships – Sex is an important part of a relationship, low sexual desire can be a serious problem, and perhaps another unrelated source of conflict is the lack of sympathy and intimacy caused by sexual dissatisfaction. Unpleasant sexual desire – this is a common problem that should not be, although many peers remain between the two doors. In a recent study, it was found that 36% of women and 31% of men increased their sexual desire, increasing from 40 years. This problem is usually reflected in marriage. Or, ordinary patients say that she had sex before marriage and just got married, but after a few years there was no sexual desire for any reason, ”he said. Bruce Carr, University of Texas and the United States. Bad sexual desires not only affect people who suffer and suffer but also affect couples who see their dissatisfaction with sexual desire, feel rejected and look at self-esteem.

The Reasons not to Forgive an Infidelity – Infidelity undermines trust, ends complicity, compromises, intimidates intimacy, brings suffering and betrayal. Therefore, when it exists, it is normal that the other member of the couple weighs if he decides not to forgive infidelity. In fact, if you break the foundation of a relationship, it makes sense that the moment comes to determine whether it is worthwhile to continue the relationship or, on the contrary, it is better to give it one last point. In this article, we give you 5 reasons why infidelity can hurt your relationship.InfidelityMany factors of different kinds can cause a person to be unfaithful. However, the result is the same: a deep wound in the relationship. Because infidelity is a form of treason, almost an “attack” against the basis of dedication and mutual trust. In this way, the question that arises is whether or not to forgive.

Couples Break up for These 6 Reasons – For the marriage to reach its fullness, the couple must fight together against all difficulties. They must also respect each other, engage and have good communication. You have certainly read these recommendations in a million articles; You even heard them tell your parents, family members or close friends. Although all couples desiring to marry their greatest desire live happily ever after, one must be aware that the path to success is somewhat complicated, because not only does love bring happiness; there are other elements that complete the marriage. Unfortunately, some couples do not understand the true meaning of marriage, so they decide to step down and make the decision to divorce. However, as Enrique Delgadillo, author of Five Incredible, says, the couple should not consider divorce as a bad thing but a form of lifelong learning.

Self-Esteem and Self-Satisfaction as Tools to be Happy – We all know this a long time ago: “Love your neighbor as yourself.” However, few people understand the meaning. Even if we have not met our needs, it is welcome to love our neighbors. However, as you say in the sentence above, it is selfish to put yourself first. However, self-esteem does not have to be selfish. Self-Esteem and Self-Satisfaction as Tools to be HappyLoss of our guidance systemEveryone is born with a survival instinct that tells us what our needs are. Throughout our lives, it is natural that we lose the inner aspect we need to sustain ourselves. The norms of the society in which we are born shape our behaviors until they become useful people for the system. These norms and beliefs will be inherited or passed on by adults to us. All the formations that make us good citizens are unique in ensuring that individual quality is ignored or, at worst, reduced.

Gratitude: How to Know How to Give Thanks to Live – To take things for granted is a very human attitude. In general, it is difficult for us to appreciate what we are used to. There is a mechanism in us that makes us live, unconsciously, with great greed for novelty. Yes, as soon as this novelty becomes daily, we lose interest. This way of life makes us forget the importance of gratitude and did not take things for granted. Evaluation is not showing education are accustomed to thanking as children. This way of behaving, like so many others, is a sign that we have been trained. Education makes us worthy people to live in the society in which we were born. However, when we thank, in most cases, we are not aware of any form of gratitude. Someone who really feels grateful does not have to show it to anyone. Gratitude is an inner feeling that makes us feel true fullness.

Overcome The Difficulties of Life – Overcoming life challenges is the real key to personal and professional success. We both know that we will fall and fall because of our existence. More importantly, when we look at each other in all climbing, we have the strength and the means to do so. What does it mean to be difficult? Flexible people are people who are able to adapt, learn and find ways to adapt to difficult living conditions. The good news is that relaxation is a skill that can be learned and developed over a lifetime. You can start at any age and teach your children to do it. So today we share our 5 steps to become more flexible with you:1. Recognize crisis as an important part of life. The Royal Academy of Spain defines the durum crisis as a difficult or complex situation in Spain. According to SAR, another meaning of the crisis is as follows: signs of significant changes in processes or situations or judgments and significant results. ”

Positive Thinking Does not Work – To resolve the malaise, a situation that makes us suffer, any method based on the control of thought, that is to say, convincing itself, will not produce deep and lasting results. Do not think positively, do not have faith, discover, discover and enjoy the understanding of life. Do not run away from discomfort, learn to solve it. They looked at us and we watched them. We tried to evaluate to what extent they understood the meaning of what we had just explained. In the hall, the silent silence questioned us and we went back to expose it from another point of view.”To solve the malaise, a situation that makes us suffer, any method based on the control of thought, that is to say, convincing itself, will not produce deep and lasting results.”We tend to emphasize this point because many people come to the consultation after years of trying to put into practice methods that do not work.