Consumerism in The World of Fashion – There is a problem that many of us do not overcome and we want to talk about today. Consumerism in the world of fashion is becoming more than a worrying phenomenon. Unfortunately, we are talking about something more than a constraint. We are confronted with a phenomenon studied in depth by social psychology. The world of fashion, especially in Western countries, has changed dramatically in a few years. What we see is only the tip of the iceberg of a problem of international concern and devastating consequences for a very large part of the population. The extraordinary documentary The True Cost, beautifully directed by Andrew Morgan and recently released on Netflix, shows us the true price of a breathtaking reality. The truth is that we think for many years that we can buy a lot more clothes because prices have dropped. This, which seemed like good news for almost everyone (and some room for maneuver in the tight economies that many people face today), seems to be one of the most deadly economic strategies that people are experiencing. today.

Technostress: The Consequences of Abusing New Technologies – Always connected, always available, always in “multitask mode”. These current arrangements can make us overwhelmed and alarmed. This is called “technostress”. In severe cases, it can even be addictive. New technologies have brought about change at every level, from social to cultural to economic. There is no doubt that its benefits, both communicationally and interpersonally and informally, are multiple and make life much easier. However, poor management of their use, as well as the time we devote to it, can lead to different types of problems, such as nomophobia, FOMO syndrome or technical stress. Then we dive into it. What is technostress? In 1984, Craig Brod described this phenomenon for the first time as “an adaptive disease caused by a lack of ability to manage new computer technologies in a healthy way”.Larry Rosen and Michele Well told in 1997 that popularized the term through their book Technostress: Dealing with Technology @ Work @ Home @ Play.

Assertive Communication: Express What You Feel Without Feeling Guilty – Assertive communication is not as simple as we think, because it can be guided by guilt to express what we really mean. How many times have you been silent to feel guilty? This is what we mean when we actually determine what we want or what we think, when we are afraid of this statement, even if we express disapproval or criticism, even if what other people want to hear or what is happening initially. Produce a better environment. Learn to say what we want the word “hardness” refers to safety. A racing sensation that lets you say what you want when you want to express yourself. Saving something that you want to share with other people may have happened more than once. It is not positive, uncertain. Of course, our words can be offensive, maybe not funny, even real insults. The most important thing is to be able to express without harming others, even if we do it accidentally because they do not want to hear what we say to others.

Can You be Totally Honest with The Couple? – Often, you can not or can not be completely honest with the couple because the truth can result in unnecessary conflict or unnecessary inconvenience. Lying is reprehensible if it ends selfishly or offensively. If we really want to be honest, let’s start by saying that there are many contradictions in the area of ​​sincerity. This is especially true for the question of sincerity in the couple. In theory, this is one of the great virtues of a relationship. In practice, complete sincerity sometimes causes stitches and wounds that are hard to forgive. Suppose also that no one can be absolutely sincere at any time of his life. There are many little lies that are told with the intention of giving the other person a pleasant feeling. That the dress is excellent, if you hardly notice the difference with another costume, but you realize that it does not feel safe. Or that the blunder was not terrible, because deep down, you know he made a huge mistake. They are what we call white or godly lies.

Is it Normal to Get Bored With The Couple? – Boredom is not a scourge, but a condition quite normal at certain moments of life. The boredom of the couple only meant that it was time to introduce novelties and variants to reactivate the relationship. Boredom is as normal as being bored with work, family, obligations, or any other reality in life. Let’s start by saying that boredom is not a state as horrible or as negative as many people think. It’s like the flu: no one is spared from an occasional case. We can define boredom as a state devoid of interest or motivation. Etymologically, it comes from the Latin root ab, which means “without”; and horror, which means “horror”. So from the etymological point of view, it would be something like “to be without horror”.The boredom of the couple, the work, the friends, whatever it is, is quite normal under certain circumstances. It’s just a consequence, not a problem in itself. Just like the night makes it possible to value the day, and conversely, the periods of fatigue make it possible to evaluate differently the novelty.

7 Steps That Will Help You Achieve Your Goals – “If you think you can pretend not to think, you’re right.” The key is to believe. How much faith do you have in you? Many wonders why they do not succeed in life. The problem is that, whether you like it or not, you are the only person responsible for your impasse and failure. The major difference between these points mentioned above is the energy that you print to each goal to achieve it. However, there are also details that you neglect or have consciously ignored. Those are: Calculate the others of the failures. Partial against the uncertainty of a situation that can not be controlled.Critically strong, to the point of losing self-confidence. The good news is that you have the strength, both to succeed and to fail, and you decide to get up or give up. To achieve this and achieve the success you are looking for

Traits of a True Friendship – Friends are this travel companion who encourages us to continue. Are you surrounded by real friendships? Having a lot of friends is very helpful, but a handful of genuine friendships is simply a blessing. Over the years, you have understood the true meaning of friendship and you have succeeded in detaching yourself from false beliefs and embracing the true fraternity of those who have proved to be faithful friends. In adult life, we begin to understand who the true friends are. Although it is sometimes setbacks that show us who is on our side. I have many friends who have proved my admiration and respect, and they inspired me to write this list that I want to share with you today. Sometimes life goes through with people to learn from them. Do not regret it if a friendship could not be. If you have worked hard for it and it still has not worked