About Me

I am not an expert in any field, I am not a reliable writer, I am not a consultant either, nor an entertainer … I am nobody

But once I helped a friend who was depressed. I provided him with entertaining advice even though it was only inadequate advice.

He was really depressed and frustrated because he didn’t know what to do in life and how to deal with problems that made him feel frustrated and depressed.

The thing that made me happy was that, three months after getting advice from me who was “not qualified”, I met my depressed friend again, he told me that he had managed to get through difficult times in his life by carrying out the advice I give, he also told how many people praised him for succeeding in going through those difficult times well, my advice really healed my friend’s frustration and depression.

In fact, I just give advice that potluck, mediocrity is nothing special and extraordinary
Finally I realized, that to help someone we don’t have to be an expert first, sincerity in helping would be more beneficial than help with strings attached.

Let God pays later…
Pay with Gorgeous Karma