Do you know how to face your fear of change

Do You know How to Face Your Fear of Change?

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Do You know How to Face Your Fear of Change? – The fear of change is contradictory because change is the experience we have had from birth, without realizing it, our bodies, our environment, our experiences, the people we know, we do not learn what we do. before that. Changes are part of life because life is a movement. The problem arises when we are aware of the change and when we begin to relate it briefly to uncertainties, tragedies, life problems, briefly to take care of uncertainty, and we all ask malicious questions: “What if … x, yz?

You want it, and sometimes your intelligence tells you that staying in a comfortable area is the best way and that there are no changes that lead exactly to any uncertainty of positive return. In other words, all people are doing well, because we have a return that says that everything is going well because we are always prevented from entering the area of ​​development or learning.

Change is necessary to learn and build as human beings.

Changes have an important role to play in your life, the most important thing is that you clearly see what you want to change and be prepared to deal with changes you can not control, including problems. Therefore, you need to strengthen your immune psychology through resistance. Is it the ability to cope with negative changes and leave early the area of ​​negative emotions such as depression, sadness, anxiety, and others?

The world we leave behind is characterized by changes.

Contrary to changes, trying to avoid at all costs the fear of failure or uncertainty is beyond the current world movement. If there is anything in the world, it is the speed that changes the situation, especially in terms of technology, communication, and information. Change is part of our nature. If you realize that things like air, economy, energy, and others are constantly changing. After reading this article, the ideas that are the main drivers of change for men and the world are no longer the same.

Why do fears change one of the greatest fears?

Unknown Nobody likes unknown uncertainty

Failure associated with fear of failure.

Control You feel you have no control

Changes We associate changes with pain and we lose what we have today.

Sometimes it is not clear where our lives will be.

How to Face Your Fear of Change:

Without a description, I share some ideas and strategies that can help you realize your fear of change, then accept uncertainty as part of what you can not control and even look for later changes. as part of their progress and conditions to achieve their goals and dreams. Do you know how to handle your fears of change?

Evaluate existing skills, knowledge and internal resources.

We often think that we can not make changes that involve challenges like new jobs, promotions, big projects, but in fact before you go there, you do not know, most of us have more talent. we met

Expand your limit.

Although we think the limit is off, usually that limit is in your head, you put it yourself. You will be amazed at what you can do. “What will you do if there is no limit?” You can watch the video. Or if you want to go deeper, you can follow the journey of “getting out of the comfort zone and building your dreams”.

Do you know how to face your fear of change

Describe your goals.

Change is the biggest fear of your direction and the direction in which you need to think more about how to achieve that goal.

Ask strong questions.

“Why does this always happen to me?” Instead of asking, learn to ask a question that will restrict you. This is a “strong question”.

Focus on what you can control.

The good philosophy of living well and living without fear is to pay attention to things you can handle, such as your attitudes, abilities, and changes from all angles you can control.

Learn more about the people who have achieved the desired goals.

We all need role models and people who can inspire us. You can do biographies, movies about the story or maybe our time. This is the book of personal development, which is important because ordinary people overcome their failures and failures.

Recognize the strength of your character.

Learn and do your strengths before asking what you need to achieve or change your goals. Dr. Try the 24 VIA Strings test recommended by going. Martin Seligman on the University of Pennsylvania page.

8.-Do does not look for the perfect solution, but the most acceptable one. Sometimes it’s better to reach the goal, but it does not have all the great features you’ve ever imagined

That’s the ways How to Face Your Fear of Change

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