you can not always solve other people's problems

You Can not Always Solve Other People’s Problems

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You Can not Always Solve Other People’s Problems – The feeling of satisfaction in helping others really worth it. We feel at ease with ourselves and the smile of the people around us creates a positive cloud for which we do not want to run away.

However, life gives us an optimistic look at recognizing the power of facing the problem as well as the small benefits from one day to the next. Therefore, trying to solve the problems of others can cause many problems and also prevent your loved ones from growing. Remember You Can not Always Solve Other People’s Problems

Why are we going to understand better?

People are different.

So when you think that a person’s life will be better, you are his life and not yours. No matter how much you want to help, your worldview is different from you, and the shared expectations will not help you in any way.

You can not solve the problem of people who do not want to solve their problems.

Why is it easy: there are people who really solve their problems and stay tied for not regretting to see anything. For you … you can not change anyone. All you can do is admit it (it hurts less as the popular wisdom says) and love people like him.

Trying to “save” someone can choke you.

And from the moment you get into a problem that does not belong to you, it also transforms into you. You are very involved in each other’s life, you forget yourself. Results? Nobody helps anyone!

Potential means “power,” not “will.”

Just because it seems wonderfully expressive to you does not mean that you have to convince her that you have made a mistake in your work. Or I have to change. Or I could create a new job.

Just because that person is so smart does not mean it is a “friend obligation” to tell him that the research he chooses is very simple, or that he should stop being a teacher who runs a large company. Again, not your life. So do not worry!

Help does not mean that you can solve it.

You can help your friends, partners, or family have good conversations, show how grateful you are for your company, invite them to eat, and tell them how special you are in your life. What you can not do is feel necessary to take and organize that person’s life. even if he wants to, even if he wants, even if he applies to it.

With this attitude, you suppress the incentives just to believe in your potential and make them dependent forever. If this is what you are looking for, find a psychologist – something for you!

you can not always solve other people's problems

You do not need anyone else to be happy!

It may seem easy, but your desperate desire to help others is a reflection of your expectations. Remember: you do not need anyone else to be happy!

It is clear that sharing joy is the best way to live our relationships, but, as we know, happiness does not come from outside: it is part of ourselves. If the person you want to help cannot be happy, it’s not about you, it’s about him.

No matter how difficult it is to read, take a deep breath, look inside and laugh at yourself. If you can do this, you can inspire people you want, and this is more valuable to others than an accountant.

Take better care of yourself than you think!

And you need time and dedication. Actually, it’s a bit selfish. You will not miss anything walking with your friends to sweep your problem under the rug and get advice. Your hypocrisy will only hurt you, your friends and your relationships.

Be honest, face your challenges, look inside, and when all is well (not necessarily flawless), it will be enough to inspire people around the positives.

The problem is not necessarily bad.

As my grandfather said, this problem helps us grow and understand that life is not the bed of roses. You should be aware of “Dirt is coming” and no one needs to be happy fulltime (as Wander Wildner said).

Once you understand this, you will find it hard to learn how to grow and drive: in the end, contrary to what our users say, nothing will remain.

You can not change or love people.

You’re better than everyone else. Take it. So, you can not change people or solve your problems, let’s decide what is best for you.

If we remember the popular words of each owl in an olive tree, we would repeat in the olive tree of a friend to give him a little love, and we could consider going home to prevent everyone from leaving the stars. In place!

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