We need more hugs and less social networks

We Need More Hugs and Less Social Networks

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We Need More Hugs and Less Social Networks“My friends, I am very grateful for your life and for reading your comments, I remembered my birthday, I love you.” Wait a minute! Usually, the thousands of friends we have added to our social networks do not remember the date of our birthday, but thanks to Facebook that helps us do that, we feel more loved and appreciated.

“I will send you the work for the WhatsApp group so that you can play the role you have to reveal tomorrow.” Answer: “Yes, it is better to do the work if I have the time and that is why we avoid meetings at home”. “Thanks to the technology !, because I will be able to do my job faster and more concretely”.

“Dear friend, I discovered on Facebook that you had a car accident, how are you?” Answer: “Friend, thank you for asking questions about my health, I did not respond to your WhatsApp message because I was in the hospital, thanks to the publication of my accident, my friends can learn that I am handicapped. “
“My love, you can give me the favor of going to school through children, I’m stuck in something important”. Answer: “If I have a heart, do not worry.” “Well, I can write a message to my husband because I’m really in my yoga class and I do not want to lose it!”

Social networks and our lifestyle

Here are some examples of the messages I read on social networks. Personally, I like to send more SMS than phone calls because it is a convenient and simple means of communication. Like me, more and more people live virtually, step by step, far from reality.

It is impossible not to use technology to our advantage because it is part of our way of life. However, we must be aware of the harmful effects of the consolidation of our social relations. That’s why experts say we need to understand why social media should not be taken into account. Of course, for a while, or at least learn how to use them in a healthy way.

1 We are less empathic

Jaron Lanier in his book “Ten Arguments to Remove Your Social Network Accounts Now Right” (ten arguments to delete your social networking accounts now), he confirms that networks affect our ability to empathize.
We know that being empathetic means putting yourself in the shoes of people, supporting them, listening to them and helping them when they need them. By using networks, we do not really understand the state of mind of people; Even knowing what they feel when they are in a difficult situation, we often post what we want others to know and we will not increase our feelings.

2 Hide our emotions

Antonio Jesús Molina Fernández says in his “Proyecto Hombre” that we are sometimes afraid of not being recognized socially or that we have no identity of sustainability in a social group; that’s why we hide these fears and uncertainties via social networks. This means that we do not want to feel this unpleasant burden.
It’s like in the example of the car accident, very few people really worry about a friend’s health and that’s why they publish such situations to feel special, recognized or loved.

3 Lack of physical contact

Nothing beats a hug, a kiss, a caress or an Apache. That’s what we lose when we use social networks because, despite emoticons that usually express feelings and emotions, you can never compare face-to-face presence.
Even when you call us, we hear the tone of the person we are talking to and therefore understand the messages assertively.

We need more hugs and less social networks

4 Null coexistence

In the past, we complained that when families met, they lost communication by turning on the television. Today, the theme is social networking and technology. We often see families in a restaurant and all members like to interact virtually without having a conversation.
Unfortunately, abusive use of social networks makes it difficult to bond with the people we love. I can even say that we are already losing interest in knowing what people around us are feeling or thinking.

5 This reduces our happiness and well-being

We are so concerned about what we will be posting on social networks that we forget things that make us really happy. One study indicates that social networks are like channel broadcasting only good news, a constant stream of edited lives that upset our perception of reality.
They even say that all three people feel bad and more dissatisfied after searching for social networks.

6 lack of sleep

There are even those who sleep and get up at dawn to check the news. For obvious reasons, it affects our health because we do not sleep the 8 hours recommended, nor continuously.
You may not be able to stop using social networks as a whole, but you can try to use them properly by defining your own boundaries. Remember that the most important thing is to have personal contact, the person who will help you empathize with your loved ones and strengthen the emotional bond.

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