Sometimes love ends leaves you great teachings

Sometimes Love Ends Leaves You Great Teachings

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Sometimes Love Ends Leaves You Great Teachings – I think this love when it’s real, does not end. I feel deep down that it has been strengthened and transformed over the years.

But that requires two emotionally mature people. The sad thing is that in order to grow, we often have to bear the most tragic pain of the soul: the collapse of romantic relationships.

Overcoming a break-up is very difficult to even when the relationship ends, but you still feel love for that person. This can take a long or short time, depending on the strength of the people involved, but it always takes a lot of tears, it leaves a person stronger, wiser and better.

The harsh reality of romantic relationships

Well, although painful Sometimes Love Ends Leaves You Great Teachings, we who experience what “love is over”, we know that there are several terrible aspects at the end of love, and they are:

1 Breaking the relationship is a difficult decision

You may not be in love with this person who has already lived everything for you, but the truth is that it can be very difficult to make the decision to end this relationship. Love Ends Leaves

You think of change and you always generate a little fear because of the habit, including the emptiness that can be experienced in having that person more in your life; Even the most emphatic opinion about the pain that the other person may suffer.

The truth is that it makes no sense to pursue a relationship with someone you like but do not like, and want to be honest and not deceive each other. That is why it is urgent to face the situation and to take this painful step without delay; the faster you do it, the better it will be for both of you, even if it means to suffer a little.

2 The pause is not linear

When an effective relationship ends, the flow of feelings and emotions does not make you wait. At first, it hurts to the point that you want to scream, so that the emotional pain gets away from you and you start to feel free.

The truth is that it does not happen overnight; And the worst is that it will be very painful to be latent, as when you have a wound that seems to heal but bleeds again at the slightest bleeding.

It’s true, you break the relationship and it hurts until the pain subsides, but a photo, letter or comment is enough to make you feel pain again.

3 it’s very painful

It hurts when someone “cuts” you and not the other way around. It hurts because you do not know what happened because you do not understand that you acted badly, so things did not happen between the two. Even, it hurts that it ends because he was not honest with you, and in the end, you realize that you have been cheated and that you have had the consequences.

Whatever the situation, the end of a relationship is very painful, but always more for one party than the other.

4 Much more than love is lost

In fact, you lose a little bit of yourself and the person you were. You can lose friends that you really like because some people prefer it and others prefer you.

It may also happen that you move away from it because you must be alone to recover. You can also choose to get away from it to prevent yourself from becoming aware of him and his life. If you have them close, you have a little drama that you no longer need.

Sometimes love ends leaves you great teachings

5 You will feel the loneliness drowning you

Even if you were the one who decided to end the relationship, the fact of not being with someone with whom you had planned a future life, cancel everything, would lead to loneliness. At first, it can be very painful because it stifles the emptiness you feel, but things will go down over time.

Solitude is not bad at all if you know how to use it; when he does not overwhelm you or plunge you into depression, but rebuilds you and makes you stronger.

6 you will fall in love

And that will happen when you least expect it. The situation that it is not the love of your life will make you surprise, that you can live without it

You will be happy to know that even if this love hurt, it was a thing of the past; thanks to this affection, you have learned what you should be someone who likes better and who is at the same time a better version of yourself.

The moment will come when you will discover that there is a good love of which the songs speak. But always remember: to love someone well, you have to know how to love yourself to know how to recognize it, so that you know what you deserve and that you can give it to anyone.

In the end, you will realize that Sometimes Love Ends Leaves You Great Teachings

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