Predict a divorce

Predict a Divorce

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Predict a Divorce – All stable relationships have problems at one time. This is normal to some extent. Sometimes things cross very sensitive boundaries and that’s when it’s possible to predict a divorce or at least a break-up.

Just as love cannot be hidden, it is not possible to ignore the signs of crises. All are clear manifestations of the fact that two people not only feel uncomfortable with their partner, but there is also a sense of rejection. This is when one can predict divorce.

In fact, when certain limits of respect, trust or good treatment have been exceeded, it is very difficult to go back. Especially if it is not treated on time or in the right way. Predicting a separation is relatively easy when the following characters are present.

Aggressive or violent demonstrations

If aggression or violence is installed in a pair, it will be very difficult to dislodge them. Misunderstandings and misunderstandings often lead to a point where every discussion is discussed with violence.

Go the discussions, say “normal”. Those who cause disagreements or inconsistencies, but do not cause injury. When a few are about to separate, almost all the arguments are very aggressive.

Criticism and contempt, a sign to predict a divorce

When a couple complies, it is very common for mutual praise to prevail. There is a natural tendency to see the positive aspects of the other and to elevate one’s virtues. It’s not just a tactic of conquest, but a real attitude that is part of falling in love.

When the pair is about to break, exactly the opposite happens. Sarcasm, ridiculous, contempt for what the other person says or does … It seems that the slogan is to be determined for each price. Predicting a divorce is an unambiguous signal.

The defensive or evasive attitude in the pair

When a break occurs, it is very common for one or both partners to wash their hands. Suddenly, everyone wants to blame the other for what is happening and avoid the sharing of responsibilities that result.

One will tell the other that he is the cause of the problem. “It’s not me, it’s you.” “While I’m doing this, you’re doing the other and that’s where the problem comes from.” This mental schedule is the beginning of a journey without return. They will begin to defend attitudes and listen less each time.

Feeling overwhelmed

People feel overwhelmed or conquered if they do not find an outlet. The circumstances or walls that cause this feeling of confinement are in many cases the couple’s own relationship.

The usual reaction to such a feeling is to take an emotional distance. This distance feeds and tends to increase over time. It will become increasingly difficult to reconcile the tires. moments of intimacy, moments of complicity.

Predict a divorce

Unsuccessful repairs

Perhaps at one point, one of the two points out that the situation is uncomfortable and that there is a pause. Perhaps you would like to restore the lost direction and attempt a dialogue or simply adopt a more constructive attitude during the discussions.

If these efforts are ignored, minimized or distorted by others, it will be very difficult to go back. The failure of history is one of the most obvious signs to predict divorce. This means that there is no will to solve something that fails.

Bad memories dominate

If negative memories prevail, it is very likely that resentment, revenge and a deep disappointment that the other is responsible for the other also begin to incubate. So things, rejection or even hatred find their breeding ground.

All of this ultimately leads to a destructive attitude towards the couple. The other is ultimately considered an enemy to attack or defend. The mind and the heart get used to it and it is already very difficult to change this matrix of thoughts.

The language of the body

There are couples where the signals to predict a divorce are not so obvious. They may be masked behind passive-aggressive attitudes or manifestations. It may sometimes seem that the picture is not so black.

There are, however, elements that do not cheat. Body language is one of them. There will be many gestures that indicate a rejection or a strong distance from each other. Many annoying bodily sensations will also be felt in the presence of the couple. And it’s not unusual for one of them or both to become sick.

Although all these signals allow us to predict that a rupture is looming, in reality, it is the couple who has the last word. Although it is very difficult, you can always take the course again. This is easier if the symptoms are detected early.

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