Never regret being a good person

Never Regret being a Good Person

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Never regret being a good person – Sarah considers herself a good woman, but she feels sad and discouraged because some people around her say that she is not good, that she is stupid and that people are mistreating her.

Sarah is not stupid, she realizes that some people have abused their trust and their goodwill and yes, sometimes the feeling is a little disappointed because people who do favors or treats do not react so good with kindness.

But what hurts most is that others think they lack intelligence and try to scam it. Some good friends who liked it suggested that they had less confidence in themselves or less malice and did not allow people to abuse their trust.

Has something similar happened to you? Did you do well and did you answer the opposite?

And more importantly, how did you feel? Do you have a disappointment or do you feel betrayed?

If at any point you felt this, I would ask you to come with me to discuss some very interesting ideas about kindness and the reasons to be nice:

1 Kindness is a feeling that arises because we love to care for others and make them feel good

One of the many miracles of man is that wonderful feeling that bubbles in the heart and invites us to do what is good for others.

Take his coat to someone else, give food to those who need it, pick up a hungry kitten, stop offering a prayer to someone else, give blood, visit a sick person and squeeze it into your baby’s arms, feelings and actions of great value are therefore the human spirits that continue to run in this world.

2 We are nice because we hope to receive the same thing in return

It is an idea that brings us to a very fine line that can be peligrosam because the things in this life do not always work that way and then the disappointment and frustration have left wounds that in some cases are hard to overcome.

Kindness is a need that comes from doing good by helping others, helping them; and the greatest reward we can have is to see someone happy, to see him free, to glorify God and follow his path. This is the satisfaction that only those who are really generous understand.

If you are generous to wait for public recognition, I must tell you, unfortunately, but it is likely that you will only get a few disappointments over time.

Do you know why?

Because the person who is friendly frees the recipient of all obligations. The kind to give, experience joy, and that’s enough.

3 Everyone does not like good people or real people

Unfortunately, we must also say: there are people with such mental poverty or emotional harm that can not tolerate the right people because they think there is always “something else” behind all good intentions. For many, it’s impossible to believe that there are good people, just for the sake of being a good person.

Be smart, be wise, but above all a good person of the heart.

Never regret being a good person

4 False goodness is called manipulation

If you are good with someone and give them gifts for example, for that person to make you present, it is the principle of manipulation. Be careful Especially in a relationship, if you need something, you should talk about it! Forced things never end well.

5 Good people do not always do well

That is, in this world, we sometimes see those good people arrive at bad things and absurd reasoning, we might think: “Then, like everyone else, I will not have the right to believe it “or even worse to think that the one who does the harm does it for you! Things do not work like that.

Life can be unfair, I know. knowing in peace with oneself and with something very old that few people know: self-respect But who does the right things or who strives to be kind, something that others have not.

I tell you with certainty that I know those good people will sooner or later also receive the kindness of others, somehow, getting the person or even the one you love the most.

A few months ago, one of my daughters was living on the border, surrounded by many distress and difficulties. One evening, a terrible cold hair surprised her when she went home. She ran to hide in a small shop and a woman recognized her as my daughter. She told him that while she was passing through our city if she and her daughter were migrant women, she would have given him a sweater and a coat for his daughter.

Now this woman has moved to this shop. That night, they took my daughter to drive home, it was not cold for a moment, because she had put a coat and a bag with a hot dinner on the shoulders.

I take care of this little story and I am excited again.

I know, conviviality generates more conviviality Friday

Please do not ever get tired of doing good. This world needs your goodwill and those little acts of love that you do every day.

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