How to Face Problems in Life

How to Face Problems in Life

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How to Face Problems in Life – We often find ourselves in a difficult situation and we do not always know how to deal with it. We can meet a sick family member, with an exam, with a break in love or, in my case, with my unemployment situation. There is no magic formula and if there was one, I can assure you that I do not have it. What I am going to give you is good advice from a humble blogger:

Be positive

We do not have to sink because we have a problem, because if we confront it in a negative way, we will not solve anything, on the contrary. If you face the problem with a smile, you will see everything differently. I recently met a girl who had a kidney transplant years ago. He told me that when the doctor asked him to do the transplant, his reaction was none other than “fortunately there is a machine that can help me.” He was looking for the positive side of his illness. It means living with positivism and the rest is nonsense.

Minimize the problem

The world does not stop there. If you revitalize, you will realize that it is not that much. Your problem is the dust on the planet Earth and the planet Earth is the dust in the middle of the universe. And in this substance in which we live, there are wars, natural disasters, third world countries with children dying of malnutrition … Think about it: is your problem so big?

How to Face Problems in Life

Take your time

The fact that we have a problem with the cold mind shows us the solution in advance. If we think that our solution offers no solution, we will not be able to look beyond our problems. This is similar to obtaining your driver’s license. In the beginning, everything becomes a world for you. Between the gearshift, the pedals, the mirrors, the people who meet, the bikes coming out of nowhere, the trucks that eat you … buff! You get nerves and you think you can not. However, there comes a day when you realize that you are driving. And you drive well. What changed? That you are not nervous about the wheel now. Now you take the road slowly. Life is like a road and you walk it. You can do this in two ways: work on your nerves every time a child walks through the ball, or stop, let it go and keep on going in life.


Sometimes we believe that we are weak and in reality, we are much stronger than we think. It is one thing to be sensitive and another to be weak. It’s worth crying for an accident, but even there. Once we cried, we dry our tears and pa ‘alante like those in Alicante.

Take advantage of opportunities

Are you sure it’s a problem that’s happening to you? Or maybe it’s a chance? For example, you learn that your friend has horned you. The fact that I put them on you can be a drama, the fact that you discover it … more real. Now you see the reality and you have the opportunity to find a solution: either you have a big heart and you forgive, or you seize an opportunity and you break with this relationship that seems to be falling apart (it’s a guess, I do not want to keep breaking relationships …). Maybe finding these horns is all you need.

Here are some tips from a humble servant. I admit that I have to put some into practice. Or at least improve it … I hope you help them!

And you, what would you add?

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