A break is an opportunity to transform yourself

A Break is an Opportunity to Transform Yourself

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A Break is an Opportunity to Transform Yourself – In most cases, after a break, we feel the pain of the absence of the loved one. Even if they have left us, we hope to return to our lives. However, the reality is usually painful because, for some reason, this is not always possible.

According to the American psychotherapist Katherine Woodward, described as “deliberate divorce”, a quality personal work is necessary to complete a relationship in the best possible way.

This involves accepting mistakes, responsibilities and becoming aware of the dynamics that led to this situation. In this way, the fracture becomes an opportunity for transformation, a turning point from which we must reorient our lives and even towards ourselves. Let’s deepen ourselves.

Accept reality to breathe freedom

We live in a society that limits love to the atmosphere of relationships. Who has not thought that without a couple any possibility of love in their life is impossible? The question is: do we know how to love in all its expansion and fullness of freedom or do we live in an eternal and addictive attachment?

Defining an endpoint is a complex process because we have to close cycles. If we do not do this, we will continue our life hard. In addition, it is important to keep in mind that, as with any malicious process, we will experience emotional ups and downs of anger, sadness, fear, anxiety and pain and an of mourning.

The key? Acceptance Acceptance of reality is the support that enables progress and inner growth. Because if you accept the reality, you lose that uncomfortable emotional clothing and you become aware of all your psychological power and positive knowledge that this enormous emotional situation can leave you.

However, we will not always have enough strength to go through this situation alone. This is why it is advisable in such situations to call in a specialized professional. It teaches us how to handle emotions and advises us on how to continue our lives in a healthy way. Of course, remember that it is also important to trust family and friends.

Reprogram your beliefs about love after the break

The beliefs we nurture and nurture of love and relationships can be decisive for overcoming a breakup.

Most of us have been raised in the perspective of romantic love, the one in which the idea of ​​suffering for love predominates. In fact, it is one of the beliefs that can hurt us the most, because if we persist, it seems that the absence of a partner is a failure, while the pairing is a success. How many couples are still together and claim to be happy?

The question is that it does not do us good to think that being in a relationship is the only good thing or a sacrifice. Because even if it is shown that we all feel loved and loved, it is also possible to be single, divorced or separated and lead a full emotional life.

That’s why it may be time to redefine our beliefs about love and relationships. And not only that but also to face our emotions in the face of these problems, especially those that cause problems and disadvantages.

Accepting uncomfortable emotions resulting from a break has a dual aspect. On the one hand, it is an emotional challenge because of resistance to acceptance and denial of the situation; On the other hand, once we are accepted, we begin to walk on a path that becomes more transparent and balanced.

A break is an opportunity to transform yourself

Guidelines for transformation after couple breakup

The transformation process after a break is not easy, but it is not impossible either. It involves learning a set of skills to control emotions, achieve emotional balance, and achieve physical and mental well-being.

Then we reveal ten keys that you can use to positively transform your life after a break:

  • Know thyself. The first step in transforming ourselves is who we are. That’s why it’s so important to open up to you.
  • Work on your self-esteem. Having a healthy self-respect requires you to do whatever you want. The most important love is self-love, so: love yourself, talk positive, do not compare yourself …
  • Develops self-acceptance and self-awareness. Evaluate your belief system, your needs, and your values. It’s time to learn new behaviors.
  • Get out of your comfort zone. Keep in mind that “if you continue to act the same way, you will achieve the same results”. Open to change
  • Stay active. Do what you always wanted to do. travel, a hobby, sport …
  • Live it here and now. Keep in mind that “the past brings us depression and future anxiety”. Do not rush, enjoy life.
  • Think positively.
  • Quit the victimization. Suppose no one is guilty or innocent, we are solely responsible for our actions. Therefore, keep in mind that if there is an event, there is a learning process.
  • Enjoy everything that has been lived and learned. Living with the resentment of the past has the effect of being unhappy in the present. Gratitude opens doors.
  • Educate your emotions. Negative emotions are there to stay in your life, befriend you and find out what they want to tell you.

And you, do you dare to transform yourself?

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