What types of suffering exist

What Types of Suffering Exist

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What Types of Suffering Exist – Distress, bitterness, despair, they are all kinds of human suffering. Suffering stains our lives with sadness and darkness. However, not all sufferings are the same, there are different types of suffering.
According to the experts, mental health is the suffering that is the main cause of suicide, about which we speak as little as it says. When we suffer, our mind is stuck and nothing seems logical. We feel like a storm has taken away all our joy and well-being. Yet suffering is always an excellent opportunity to reflect on this, otherwise, we would not do it.

Suffering is an opportunity

We could say that suffering puts us in touch with our vulnerability to surface water and wins a part of us that escapes the attempt of control. Our inner world becomes visible when suffering visits us, making us aware of our true needs and concerns. We can then say that suffering, no matter how hard we run, can become a good friend.
After a period of suffering, we always insist, with renewed energy and realistic perspectives that allow us to overcome the various obstacles more easily.

It is true that to take advantage of real suffering, it must be transcended. For this, it is essential that we realize the difference between pain and suffering. Suffering occurs when we do not accept any pain situation. When the pain is accepted, the suffering disappears. We will continue to feel pain, but in a much more bearable dimension than before.

However, there are many types of suffering, so it is necessary to classify these differences to understand their nature. One could say that there is a course, subtle and very subtle suffering.

The first great suffering

The suffering of suffering: this type of suffering would fall into the category of gross suffering. This includes all types of suffering associated with physical pain. Our body has millions of nerve receptors. When these are activated, a painful stimulus reaches the brain. The mind then classifies them as headaches or toothaches, cramps, backaches, vomiting or vertigo. Thirst and hunger are also part of this type of suffering.

This type of suffering is the most indisputable. An animal and the most powerful or wise man can suffer. Nobody wants this suffering for himself, so we strive to find ways to prevent it and eradicate it.

The second great suffering

The suffering of change: unlike the previous one, this type of suffering is not so obvious. For this reason, he would be in subtle suffering. It is so called because we perceive it as such only when we have it before us.

The suffering of change comes when we stop something that we consider very valuable. It can be activated when we lose a loved one or when we lose property that we value. This suffering also appears when we lose our health.
Whenever we take action, the fear of losing something is hidden behind this action. This, even if we do not want to recognize it, makes us very unhappy.

One could say that the totality of the beings suffers enormously when the suffering of the change appears in their lives. However, they do nothing to prepare or prevent it, because it is not necessary to be so subtle. When I say subtle, I do not say softly, but on the contrary, it is much more intense. It is much easier to overcome headaches than, for example, the loss of a loved one.

Of course, change is inevitable because we know that the nature of matter is perishable. However, if we prepare ourselves appropriately when suffering occurs, we will see it from a different angle.

The third great suffering

– The suffering that permeates everything: although its name indicates it, it is easy to recognize, it is quite the opposite. This type of suffering is also called very subtle because difficult to recognize.
No matter how much love, fulfillment or money comes into our lives, there is always a feeling of emptiness inside us. Few people recognize this emptiness.

We use all kinds of distractions to hide this feeling of emptiness. In fact, it is a void that has unconsciously needed us and we want to constantly escape. We try to fill this gap in search of power, sex or any kind of addiction. All that does not understand this emptiness that scares us both.

What types of suffering exist

Yet this void will not be filled by many things we do. We can temporarily numb the feeling and believe that we have been exterminated, but it will appear at any time.

This emptiness is rooted in the ignorance of who we really are. It is also due to the lack of understanding of the different states of consciousness that we are going through. That’s why the only way is with it to suffer to go, focusing our attention inward to reach the knowledge of who we really are.

Meditation as a solution to suffering

After understanding the types of suffering that exist, we can understand the importance of meditation to prevent suffering, to a large extent.
Meditation, practiced in the usual way, connects us to our deepest and most essential part. This connection allows us to know who we really are and avoid the suffering that permeates everything.

In the same way, thanks to the meditation, a calm spirit prevents us to cling to the situations and the people, to live in the detachment. Detachment helps us to a great extent to avoid the suffering of change. When we can enjoy things or people without being attached to them, we live in a dimension of life where the suffering is much less.

In the same way, with the practice of meditation, it is possible to reduce the suffering of suffering. Any pain will be much less important if our general state of calm is very easy to reach when we meditate. Meditation also helps us to separate substances in the usual way, which helps us to relieve physical pain in a natural way.

Make room for meditation in your life! And this can be facilitated by the Create Health method, which will become your best partner to bring your day, your attention and your meditation. We also encourage and advise the right diet and more active life.

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