This is my secret to solve conflicts with my partner

This is My Secret to Solve Conflicts with My Partner

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This is My Secret to Solve Conflicts with My Partner – All marriages are quarreling at one point in the relationship, so it is up to each couple to resolve them so that they can have a successful marriage. On several occasions, I fought with my husband, but I can say that all the battles led me to an internship, how to manage my emotions and that I must admit and tolerate things with which I may not be Okay.

But that’s love, finding a balance and staying together until eternity, as my grandmother has always said: all problems have a solution. Now it’s impossible to enumerate all kinds of conflicts because each pair is different, but I can find out what worked for me to solve them:

Listen and shut up

Usually, when I expose my discomfort, my husband stays silent, looks and listens carefully to everything I say. Sometimes his attitude was generally desperate because he did not say a word to interrupt me, but his strategy was to give up my emotions and find solutions.

Now, I acted the same way as him; when we discuss we usually stop, we do not interrupt and then we expose our points of view and argue why we think we are right.

Golden rule

Never insult or respect us. It may be that during a discussion your desire to utter reprehensible words will appear, but it is essential to keep in mind that anything that comes out of your mouth can hurt your partner and hurt you. We often say things we do not want to say and in the end, you can repent.

Clear the mind

To calm the discussion and not to hurt myself, my husband always goes out to erase his anger and anger. I mean, you’re going for a short walk, which helps you think and think about the situation. When he comes back, he does it with a different attitude and is willing to talk to solve problems.

We never sleep angry

The room is the best place to resolve conflicts. It’s an intimate space that belongs to both. It’s easier to talk and expose your irritations, ideas, and anger when you’re in a place where you feel comfortable. My husband and I are used to talking and never sleep until we agree.

This is my secret to solve conflicts with my partner

You may be wrong

It is about accepting errors and knowing that it is possible to have no absolute reason. Usually, my husband and I agree to prevent escalation of the conflict. It also includes patience, tolerance, and sacrifice because we have to rely on the couple’s ability to make decisions and resolve conflicts.

Love and a lot of love

A phrase we usually say is “remember that I love you, so I tell you I do not agree with such a situation”. The way things are said is important, because when you get upset and you start roaring, what you are provoking is changing your partner and therefore a defensive action. Therefore, when you argue, try not to raise your voice and find appropriate phrases for each context.

Good communication, respect, and love are the key to conflict resolution. Remember to learn and think about each fight to realize that your problems are not as bad as you thought and that you have found an effective way to live with your partner.

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