denounce an abusive partner

How to Denounce an Abusive Partner

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How to Denounce an Abusive Partner – What can help us make the decision to report our partner? Today, we will discover some tips for filing a complaint, as we recommend to anyone facing the same situation.

Reporting an insulting partner seems simple when this situation is experienced by another person. However, when this happens in our own flesh, justifications (many irrational and absurd) prevent us from making that decision. That’s why today we are going to discover some tips that can help us.

There are currently many options and resources available to report an abusive partner. However, we remain reluctant to use them. With these 4 tips, let’s see how we can use them to protect ourselves from these harmful relationships.

How to report an abusive partner

Below is a series of tips and useful ideas:

Get on family and friends

If we have a violent relationship, we often do not want to see reality. Our friends and family may have told us that this person is not good for us and we must leave. The truth is they are right.

People around us because it’s the best for us and try to open our eyes to what we can not see. That’s why we do not believe that we are alone or that we can not sue an abusive partner because we have no one to support us.

Think about your children

If we do not identify child abuse very well, an element very well summarized in the article Abuse of the child’s voice by children. Our justifications for the love that our partner claims to have can, however, neglect the harm they receive.

However, the fact that they do not suffer physical violence, but that they see how they attack us psychologically or physically, is already major damage.

  • Is this the environment in which I want my children to grow up?
  • Are you happy to experience this situation daily?
  • Why do I let them cry and worry for us when they are children and we are adults?
  • Is my partner more important than my children?
Register an abusive partner

This is the last of the tips for reporting an abusive partner and for acting, as we recommend someone to appreciate that. If the same thing happened to a friend or sister, would not we say “go and reject without thinking”?

The situation is easier when you see it with other people. For this reason, asking for help and support within the family is essential to adopting a perspective that takes us out of immobility, born of fear and allows us to act.

denounce an abusive partner

The silence of those who suffer

Although the number of sexual violence continues to increase, the number of complaints continues to increase. How often does a person kill their partner without complaining before? How many cases have we heard, or have we experienced, where children have the consequences?

Fear and horrible abuse make any action very difficult. In addition, a strategy or abusers alienate their partner from their environment. They separate her from her family, her friends, and anyone who can tell her what’s going on.

It is important not to look away and insist on helping, even if the abused person does not want our help. They do not see him often. Sometimes it’s the fear and the cancellation of their person that prevents them from making a decision.

We hope this article has informed you that there is help around us. The “I do not know what to do” or “No one will help me” is now over.

If you are wrong if you are suffering and your children are suffering too much, ask for help. Leaving this situation, you discover a world in which peace and happiness cease to be a dream come true.

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