Why you should meditate if you suffer stress

Why You Should Meditate if You Suffer Stress

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Why You Should Meditate if You Suffer Stress – A few months ago, it was recommended to Laura, a young Madrilenian businesswoman, to try meditation. Meditate, me? Why? Why? He asked his doctor about his suggestion to practice mindfulness. The answers were in front of her eyes, even though she could not “read” them at that time.

She was a professional and socially successful woman, with a stable partner who was planning to become a mother someday … But what was wrong with her life in perfect appearance? He was worried about every new challenge in the business. The recent increase in work had accelerated the pace of work and had begun to get heartburn when he took office. To make matters worse, her boyfriend then proposed marriage, a fact that, in addition to fulfilling her happiness, had added marriage preparation to her many activities.

I was literally on the verge of a nervous breakdown. Diagnostic? Stress. Does it sound?

The busy and fast life, typical of most Spaniards living in big cities, is vulnerable to stress syndrome. More specifically, stress has been disrupting nine out of ten years of productive age and affecting 42% of them in a continuous and frequent manner.

It is therefore difficult to deduce what suffering or bad stress is commonly called “stress” to dry, we say it so easily. It is the process that begins when the individual sees that the demands (internal, professional, social, family) exceed his ability to cope.

Faced with this feeling of not being up to the circumstances or not having the means to adapt to these new situations (future marriage, promotion to work, age of parents, maternity or paternity), the person reacts or reacts with physical or emotional symptoms. What gastric pain, sleep problems, loss of appetite, anxiety, anger, and depression are some of them.

What do you need if you are already suffering from stress? Fewer feelings of fear, reach a state of peace and harmony in your daily life, change your attitude towards reality and observe it in an objective way and without dramatization. For that, practicing mindfulness can help you. Discover why then.

Effects of meditation and stress reduction

Meditation is an exercise. Like any exercise requires training. Positive medium- and long-term results are observed if you can make meditation a habit of your life, such as eating, exercising or brushing your teeth.

To meet this challenge, we must assume the role of the student; one who is not afraid of failure, who are encouraged to excel and who does not succeed in learning the lesson. The practice of mindfulness requires this attitude and you can adopt it as soon as you feel free from the symptoms of stress.

But let’s see how meditation can help you fight stress.
Increases physical well-being.

It is considered as some kind of extra medicine. Slow down your breathing, so rush in people who suffer from stress. The practice of meditation contributes to slow, calm breathing, physical movement, deep relaxation, and a calm mind. In short, it helps the body.

On a psychological level, it helps to live in the present.

He does not want the practitioner to relax until he falls asleep; nothing but “perception”. The idea is that the person perceives his thoughts confused, binds or claims his mind and can start doing something to help himself.

Mindfulness involves the mind so that it may intentionally and without judgment pay particular attention to the present moment. The stress people (this will happen to you), normal, attached to the past or preoccupied with the future. In this sense, the practice of meditation can help and focus on today. It makes sense, think about it: yesterday and tomorrow are not in our hands; The only thing that will make the difference is what we can do today.

Improves the management of emotions.

If you are stressed, you will know that your emotions are usually on the skin or, on the contrary, and almost simultaneously, you can become indifferent to situations that have always moved you; everything, without clear feeling. Indeed, the person suffering from stress syndrome does not control his emotions to his advantage. Instead, he is a victim of the circumstances.

For individuals like this, meditation can help to have a new perspective on stressful contexts. What does it mean? Be able to objectively observe reality, eliminate dramas and give each thing the weight it has; no more no less. Do you have a work problem? It can not ruin all parts of your life. Have you broken up with your partner? Ask yourself why and if you are After you’ve decided, it’s time to turn the page and start writing a new story. And so on … You can not drown yourself in a glass of water.

Why you should meditate if you suffer stress

Motivates the adoption of healthy eating habits.

“Mindfulness” or “mindfulness” applies to all orders of life. Also for food. In people with harmful levels of stress, dietary changes allow them to keep their minds calm.

It is known that excess alcohol, salt, and sugar, saturated fats and beverages that modify the nervous system (such as coffee or flavored and carbonated soft drinks) in no way contribute to reducing the symptoms of the disease. the stress. Although it is a varied diet in colors and textures, rich in fruits and vegetables, it helps to reduce the “weaker revolutions”.

As you may have noticed, meditation associated with positive psychology can help you fight the symptoms of stress and improve yourself. Do not hesitate to Start your exercise as a modest and curious student: little by little, with enthusiasm and especially with discipline.

In short, more and more medical and psychological experts are emphasizing the importance of caring for our minds, as suggested by the Create Health method.

We must be aware that in order to lead a healthy life, we must also nourish ourselves and activate ourselves appropriately by doing things that contribute to our overall well-being. Tools such as the Feel app – which you can download here – can be great allies for a stress-free life. The methodology is easy to use because it includes mindfulness and positive psychology to improve your well-being, reduce stress and therefore be happier.

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