Loneliness in love

Loneliness in Love

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Loneliness in Love – We know that love does not concern the solitude of the remedy, there is only SOMS. There is no worse suffering than the love of having found our life suddenly in the solitude of indifference, measuring the distance in the cold emotional feeling.

You are by my side, but I do not feel you. Loneliness can be devastating; It is almost as if you perceive that a window has been opened, allowing you to penetrate at the same time the passion of the interest, the complicity dying once enlightened caressing smiles disappeared. Almost without you knowing how to die Indifference, a sudden hostility of reproach in looks seeking to die is avoided from afar.

I give both, I receive

If there is one thing we would like to doubt without all dying love, we would admit that someone of the same intensity would be sent back (I GIVE both, I receive). We think that the feeling of absolute balance in affective relationships is enormous. Love as well as love, energy, form, and passion. Each of us does not do it in his own way, with ours, with better and worse possibilities.

Now, look at some stories that often suffer from the feeling of progressive indifference of the couple. As striking as it sounds, the reason is not always a lack of love. SUM is this engraved reality Matrix of a dying person Is characterized A door clearly The emotional inaccessibility, available in the alexithymic in those who die simply does not understand that love is more than the physical presence. Genuine love requires action, emotion, a reciprocal connection.

Loneliness in love, in a very ordinary reality

The simple fact that the partner offers no protection against loneliness. This fact is demonstrated in the loneliness studies published each year. We know that loneliness among the elderly is already an epidemic; However, in recent years, we have discovered how the youngest cohort also proves this reality in a meaningful way.

That’s why it’s important to talk about what we understand as “loneliness felt”. That is to say, those who say it have the fact that the person has a partner, the family of a large social network. Robert Weiss, an expert in social psychology specializing in this area, told us: “Loneliness is what we feel when the lack of something seems necessary to us”.

Likewise, it’s the difference between social and emotional loneliness. This is what happens in the last place here: the level comes mainly from a couple lacking attachment, engagement in emotional nutrients, a happy band in healthy forms. In addition, not before, no special attention was given to this type of loneliness; From a clinical point of view, however, we know that this warning causes great anxiety. Health has huge implications for mental health.

Loneliness has many faces

Maria Teresa Bazo, a sociologist expert in social welfare and quality of life, registrar EXPRESSES THAT “it is very good WHO is the worst POSSIBLE loneliness lived in the company” (Bazo, 1989). Or the truth is that loneliness in love can be felt for years, decades, without any cure being felt. Now, it is important to know that this fact is a mediation because they can even be diverse and striking.

First, we need to know that people are here to start a dice to establish your own relationship. Solitude, their fears in emptiness dissipate you. This is the case of women trauma who simply have low self-esteem. In these cases, they are only happy to feel satisfied with this relationship. She still wants the feeling of having something missing, the feeling of loneliness never comes for relief.

Loneliness in love

Loneliness in love can also appear as a routine.

On the other hand, Are there also profiles? Sharing met serious difficulties for you, OM, for their feelings Talking about you, OM, the couple with emotion to validate you. They do not understand the language of affection. Well, because they do not know, they can not or do not want to.

Last but not least, the most dazzling element is lack of love.

Effects of emotional distance

When the loneliness situation is at an emotional distance, we experience a series of very common psychological realities. Certainty fear or fear somebody does not love us and also hostility can make stress. Done it becomes CELA No explanation is given about who is suspended in the uncertain DAT when neither the break of the attempted resolution of the problem mentioned above is generated, generates frustration.

Reproaches, arguing in more distance may appear. All of this comes down to work in the rest of our relationships. These are very delicate situations before.

What should we do? Suppose we live in a climate of loneliness?

If there is anything we should really understand, then it’s always better than our own healthy loneliness, loneliness next to someone. We know that social or physical loneliness is painful but emotionally is deeper in sibylline as it lowers the dignity of values.

The warm and emotional process of delimiting indifference is extensive, it is not logical. Concentrated with these realities, there are only two options: find the problem and put an end to this relationship. In these cases, we will help some psychologists solve the problem of the best answer.

Anyway, let’s say clearly that we are alone in solitude. In terms of costs, huge.

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