Do You Lack Confidence in Yourself

Do You Lack Confidence in Yourself?

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Do You Lack Confidence in Yourself? – Does your fear of failure make you lose opportunities every time?

I know what it does. A lack of confidence is a terrible travel companion. It paralyzes you. This ensures that you do not even try to fight for what you want and that you find yourself in a small comfort zone.

During one phase of my life, I also lived this way, avoiding any situation in which I could fail.

I was so afraid of failure that I missed several opportunities to study abroad. I resigned to continue my career as a researcher and even claimed to be sick. I did not have to face challenges such as speaking in public.

Not to mention all the sentimental possibilities that I dropped.

Fortunately, all this has been forgotten. Yes, I still feel uncertain, but after years of studying the science of emotions, I know what I should do. And I will tell you everything here.

In this article, I will first reveal the golden rule of trust, then ten scientifically proven techniques to boost your confidence when you need it most.

I hope you find them as useful as they are!

The golden rule of trust

Nelson Mandela spent 27 years in prison, including 18 in the terrible prison at Robben Island.

As a black political prisoner, he received the most humiliating treatment possible. He spent the day breaking rocks in the sun, without food and constant blows. To make matters worse, he also contracted tuberculosis during his imprisonment.

However, Mandela did not collapse. Every morning he went to the patio and proudly wore his wounds, restoring courage and hope to the prisoners. It became his inspiration.

How is it possible that he feels so confident in circumstances that may have destroyed a man?

The answer is that he had no confidence.

While he confessed later, Mandela hid his fears. He lived in fear and, of course, he never felt sure of himself.

But Mandela had one thing clear: if he stayed in his cell until he had enough confidence in him, he would never have gone to the courtyard to inspire the prisoners.

Do You Lack Confidence in Yourself

Do not have to wait to feel confident

This is one of the big lies we have believed. We believe that it is necessary to be prepared and confident before taking up a challenge. But Mandela did not wait to be confident: he acted despite his uncertainty and that’s why he managed to win.

The real problem is not that you have no faith before doing something; The problem is that you think you have to be sure to do it. But you must not want to do it. Your actions may be independent of your emotions, like Mandela

So, the golden rule of trust is that you do not have to wait to feel confident.

Do not wait to be prepared before starting your own business or give your first lecture in public because you will be waiting for your whole life. Trade without trust and trust will come later.

I do not intend to do anything you have not done before. When you ride a bike, I imagine that at first, you would be afraid to fall. But you did not wait to overcome this fear and feel completely safe before getting on the bike: you drove it and gradually you felt more confident.


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