What are the emotional dreams

What are The Emotional Dreams?

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What are The Emotional Dreams? – You have to feel really scared, you must observe your fear of tightening your back muscles and tightening your heart, you should feel a rage that does not allow you to master or experiment

Do you think they mistreated you in a dream? Or are you naked and reminiscent of many people? Is someone crying or angry because they hurt you? Do you want to kill someone in the dream? This is called an “emotional dream.”

In your daily life, you are overwhelmed by many events that trigger an emotional response that is not always perceived. In fact, you often think that what someone says or does not affect you or how you handle it.

Did not you do it when you were a kid? To get rid of everything? Indeed, it is true that survival learning has implicitly adopted specific strategies, sometimes unintentionally developed to escape the stronger expression of “your personalized personality.”

In childhood, this strategy has been instrumental in preserving life and mental health. If a child feels all the emotions that affect him, his life or his psychological integrity can be totally affected. It is even said that the child can die of sadness, so avoid the most painful memories.

However, if you are an adult, you do not need to be protected at all times, you can assume that the outside world has an impact on you with a bigger tool. But how do you remember the salvation of all the guards you did and something you do not know much about?

Find your emotions

Many of these obstacles are still present, but your emotions need to find a channel where they are free, at least some of them, so you do not get stuck in the body and help your psychological and emotional health.

And dreams are the ideal way to do this. Because when you are totally back to yourself and you really do not remember who you are, you must feel that you do not completely understand all the difficulties you are experiencing or that you do not know what to do with the life you bring. If. feelings.

You must understand that you are very scared, stretching your back muscles and fearing your hearts, knowing the anger you do not see or thinking more about a particular situation. So it’s good to kill your boss in a dream, and it’s important to avoid despair, yes, big monsters before a giant wave hits you.

What are the emotional dreams

Know happiness

The first step in resolving conflict is to see everything that produces it, that exists and feels to solve it. And joy? And joy? Can you imagine flying and really enjoying this freedom? That feeling, if you do not have that body, do you know anything that happened? You deserve to remember! and to be aware of what you have always had and how often you have forgotten. You need to look to find it when you need it.

And love? Is not it great to tell others how you feel and maybe even see that I do not want you? Emotional dreams are very important to our mental, psychological and physical balance. And they are reminders of our divine nature, which is interested and constantly balancing.

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