Practice Self-care to Control The Anxious Mind

Practice Self-care to Control The Anxious Mind

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Practice Self-care to Control The Anxious Mind – When fear sets in our mind, the present loses its meaning and the future becomes impossible. One way to reduce this fear that devours everything is to take care of ourselves: to feed ourselves and give what we deserve when we need it.

The fearful mind is chaos and disorder, extinguishes our potential and often adds us to a state of weakness and absolute fear. To take control and reduce its impact, we can look for the strategy that best fits our personal characteristics. However, there is one that always works: taking care of oneself, that is, paying attention to ourselves, feeding ourselves and listening to ourselves as we deserve.

Being locked in a mental state in which only worries live is exhausting. But the contradictory aspect of this situation is that the more we are exhausted, the more our brain has consumed resources and energy, the more it will cost us to rest. Because the dream does not always mean exhaustion, it comes when there is inner calm, when there is silence in the mind.

It’s not easy to live with fear as a companion. And yet we do it. In addition, data on the impact of this psychological reality show that although it is a treatable condition, only 35% of those who suffer from it require specialized help.

There are people who live permanently with a fearful mind. They lose their quality of life, extinguish their current potential, fill their future with fear, and put their health at risk. So what is this strategy that we must all apply every day?

Taking care of yourself is not a pleasure, it is a dedication to oneself

Taking care of yourself in a demanding world filled with uncertainty and demanding a lot of us is essential. However, it should be noted that this term is often confused with other concepts. It was in the 1980s that mental health professionals spoke for the first time about the importance of healthy living habits to reduce the impact of stress and anxiety.

For the moment, the advertising industry has not hesitated to subscribe to this term. So much so that they have launched a wide range of products under the self-care label. In this way, they have been associated for a long time with this idea, from bath salts, creams, shampoos to the food products supposed to make us feel good.

This is why it is necessary, from the psychological point of view, to promote the bases of correct care. Someone whose strategies are based on a precise (and scientific) way of actually looking at this concept.

What is real personal care?
  • Taking care of yourself is much more than indulgence or pleasure. It puts into practice behaviors that help us reduce discomfort, contradictions, anxiety, stress …
  • Personal care is calm. It is about achieving an adequate internal balance in which energy is charged and not lost.
  • Similarly, to alleviate and control the anxious mind, a daily personal care plan must be implemented. By this, we mean something very simple, but not everyone comes to perform. Well-being and personal care require a plan and a series of activities and processes that we must perform daily. It’s not worth starting a few routines today and forgetting them next week. Well-being requires commitment.

And, as they explain in a study at Queen’s University Kingston, Canada, self-care is a series of activities that immerse you in everyday life. In doing so, it generates change and helps us prevent several diseases.

Mind worried: 5 keys to take care of yourself to Control The Anxious Mind

Pessimism, excessive worry, the feeling of lack of control, emotional exhaustion … The anatomy of the anxious mind can vary from one person to another in some respects but is characterized on average by these common factors.

So before resorting to drugs, before even telling us that “we are like that and that we have no cure”, it is necessary to take a moment to consider these strategies.

Keys from daily personal care can help us. So think of them.

Practice Self-care to Control The Anxious Mind

Your safe space to calm the worried mind

A secure space is a place, a corner, a bench, space under a tree or a bench in front of a window that generates peace. It’s a comfortable area to go to, at least twice a day for 15 or 20 minutes. Meanwhile, we will contact ourselves to ask ourselves how we are doing.

This secure space allows us to enjoy a moment of solitude to generate a positive internal dialogue friendly with ourselves. We will deepen the concerns to convince us that everything will be fine, will relieve anxiety and above all; We will rationalize fears.

Plan lucky moments

Happiness is well-being and satisfaction. It will be good with himself without leaving anything, without missing anything. To calm the worried mind, we must plan an activity during the day that generates these sensations. It is essential that each and every day we can enjoy this hour or two where we can relax, rest and positively stimulate the brain.

All you have to do is do something we like, which corresponds to our passions and our personality (walk, take a class, listen to music, meet friends, etc.).

My spare channels

Anxiety also needs some relief to release all these accumulated energies and tensions. In this way, it is ideal that we use practices such as yoga, mindfulness, certain sports that we like and even why not, a certain artistic discipline.

Invest in health

Taking care of oneself is also health, but we still need to clarify one aspect: we need to engage firmly. In this way, aspects as fundamental as attending to what we eat, how we feed ourselves and the habits we follow will undoubtedly aggravate or improve our well-being. You must follow a plan and implement it.

Health is also prevention, so let’s try to listen and listen to our body and mind. Let’s not leave this physical discomfort or tomorrow’s concern behind us, answer today or consult a professional. What is left out can become worse. So be aware, let’s remember that living with a fearful mind does not live, it limits us to exist in survival mode.

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