Night anxiety causes and 10 keys to overcome it 2

Night Anxiety: Causes and Keys to Overcome It (Part 2)

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Night Anxiety: Causes and Keys to Overcome It (Part 2) – In part 1 has been explained in part 1 that Anxiety is an emotion of adaptation that is normal and that people can often feel on a daily basis, but nighttime anxiety is not entirely positive. This is usually the result of worries we may have about something that happens to us on a daily basis. In part 2 in part 2, it will continue on Keys to Overcome Night Anxiety


Exercise is necessary because it offers many benefits, not only physically, but also psychologically. Studies show that sports practice improves the state of mind.

It also helps us reduce stress and anxiety, as it reduces the presence of cortisol in our body. In addition, with physical exercise, you will be more tired at home and sleep better.

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But … do not overdo it

However, to prevent the nervous system from becoming too active late at night, it is best to exercise or exercise in the morning or early afternoon. The most important thing is to avoid training at night.

Overtraining syndrome, also called stupidity, which is different from physical overtraining, should also be avoided. This condition occurs when the athlete is not resting enough or exercising excessively, which has serious consequences for your mental health: emotional feelings of fatigue, apathy, loss of strength, insomnia, from close, etc. It can be difficult to detect. ; However, you can read more about this phenomenon in our article: “Overtraining Syndrome: Burned Athletes”

Night anxiety causes and 10 keys to overcome it 2

Come well

Food is also an important factor that more or less determines our overall well-being. A healthy life will undoubtedly favor good sleep habits, which can play an important role in preventing insomnia.

But you have to take care of the food, especially at night, because heavy meals can make it difficult to fall asleep and therefore nighttime anxiety.

Attention to stimulants

Although it is true that some stimulants such as coffee or theobromine do not all suffer in the same way, it is always better not to take products containing these substances (especially taurine) after 18 hours (when you have a normal schedule) this can hinder sleep and change your nervous system.

Practice mindfulness

The practice of mindfulness or mindfulness seems to have a positive effect in the fight against anxiety, stress, and insomnia. Mindfulness is a method that uses the ability to be conscious, compassionate and the ability to be present here and now.

His eight-week program entitled “Mindfulness-Based Stress Reduction (MSBR)” appears to greatly improve the well-being of those who have used it. A study from the University of Utah showed that MBSR not only helps reduce stress and control anxiety but can also help us sleep better

Provide a daily schedule

Insomnia and nighttime anxiety can also occur due to the lack of a fixed schedule. For example, going to bed one day at 11 am, the next day at 3 am and the next day at noon. It’s the same to get up every day at a different time. It is always better to have a more or less fixed schedule.

Detach yourself

The calendar is often created by the way we use technology devices. If we start watching a movie at 11 pm, we will probably go to bed after 1 pm, which does not promote sleep and may cause fear of the night.

In addition, scientific studies claim that the use of electronic devices 30 minutes before going to bed also harms the risk of falling asleep because it seems to stimulate the mind through the light used by these devices.

Use the room to sleep and have intimate relationships

Experts say that we have to use the room to sleep or to have sex if we want to sleep better, so they do not recommend having the computer in this room of the house. Having television in the area can also be counterproductive, especially when we go to bed with television.

We must also provide the space in which we sleep: a comfortable pillow, the right temperature, etc. These are factors that can affect the quality of sleep and wake us in the middle of the night and prevent us from sleeping well.


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