Night anxiety causes and 10 keys to overcome it 1

Night Anxiety: Causes and Keys to Overcome It (Part 1)

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Night Anxiety: Causes and Keys to Overcome It (Part 1) – It is 2 am and within 5 hours you have to get up to go to work. You have rocked and turned for two hours, and no matter how hard you try, you can not sleep. You have tried everything to fall asleep quickly, count the sheep, apply the 4-7-8 method, etc., but every minute that passes, you feel more tormented and worried. Whenever you have less time to sleep and think about it, you wake up more.

If you think this has happened to you, you may experience nighttime anxiety, which may be associated with occasional or prolonged insomnia, for a variety of reasons. In this article, you will find some tips for overcoming this type of fear.

When the mind does not come off

This unpleasant sensation can occur for a variety of reasons and you have certainly experienced it in your life. The nocturnal fear is invading you as you enter this vicious circle in which you do not know whether you should go to bed, but these negative thoughts and fear only penetrate this negative situation. You are sleepy, but you can not relax.

Our brain tends to ruminate and when we discuss an issue, we just make it worse. As soon as these reflections catch our attention, worry seriously disrupts our ability to fall asleep.

Causes of nocturnal fear

Anxiety is an emotion of adaptation that is normal and that people can often feel on a daily basis, but nighttime anxiety is not entirely positive. This is usually the result of worries we may have about something that happens to us on a daily basis.

Maybe it’s a warning about something that is wrong, and the best, for example, is a way of telling us that we should go looking for a job because we do not have a job. money.

But it can also happen that nighttime anxiety is the result of imaginary or predictable problems that we have and exaggerate, a symptom of stress that we suffer and prevent us from sleeping, or even to perform intense physical training just before to go to bed, which activates our nervous system and prevents us from disconnecting when we are in bed.

Night anxiety causes and 10 keys to overcome it 1

Tips to defeat Night Anxiety

Without a doubt, the suffering of this situation is unpleasant. But … is it possible to overcome it? Below are some tips and habits that can help you get out of this complicated situation.

Detect the problem

It has already been mentioned in the previous rules that nighttime anxiety could be caused for various reasons. This is why it is necessary to detect the cause of the problem. Do we train at night? Are we worried about our lives (for example, the payment of the mortgage)? Do we have a lot of work at our office and take this work at home? Are we going through an existential crisis?

These questions can help us know what is really happening to us and so we can solve it. For example, if we have established that the problem is that we train at night, it might be better to train in the morning.

Ask for psychological help

In some cases, we may not be aware of the problem or the symptoms have not improved when we try to repair. Then you have to go to psychological therapy. An experienced psychotherapist can help you solve your anxiety and insomnia problems at night, allowing you to improve your overall health and regain your emotional balance.


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