Low Sexual Desire and The Impact on Relationships

Low Sexual Desire and The Impact on Relationships

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Low Sexual Desire and The Impact on Relationships – Sex is an important part of a relationship, low sexual desire can be a serious problem, and perhaps another unrelated source of conflict is the lack of sympathy and intimacy caused by sexual dissatisfaction.

Unpleasant sexual desire – this is a common problem that should not be, although many peers remain between the two doors. In a recent study, it was found that 36% of women and 31% of men increased their sexual desire, increasing from 40 years.

This problem is usually reflected in marriage. Or, ordinary patients say that she had sex before marriage and just got married, but after a few years there was no sexual desire for any reason, ”he said. Bruce Carr, University of Texas and the United States.

Bad sexual desires not only affect people who suffer and suffer but also affect couples who see their dissatisfaction with sexual desire, feel rejected and look at self-esteem.

What causes Low sexual desire?

Low sexual desires can cause physical and psychological causes. The stress of modern life has a negative effect on sexual relations. Consequently, depression and fatigue are the main cause of low sexual desire.

Revenge is another cause of low sexual desire. Anger couples to discuss – emotions that are too dominant, too passive or neglect someone’s needs, reducing the attractiveness and, consequently, reducing the desire to have sex.

Old trauma, like sexual abuse or experiencing bad experiences in the past, can sometimes open up again and reduce sexual desire without realizing it.

Physical causes are human impotence due to health problems, infections in the genital area due to illness, injury, low endocrine system or other factors.

In this case, it is recommended to consult a doctor for proper care, as this may have other health effects, as well as affect the relationship.

Why is it important to restore sexual desire?

Sex is an important part of relationships with partners. The emotions of others and themselves rely on sex. Even with older couples, sex is a way to be sincere and respectful.

Some people think that having sex is not good, and you can build relationships based on other actions that you share with your partner. In fact, if both have the same feelings and reach a genuine agreement, it will be impossible. It is important to talk and communicate with the need to find joint solutions.

You may find that everything is good without sex, but when you see the past and remember that sex is something intimate and valuable to your spouse, it is easy to understand how gender is important to a woman. Better relationships When active and satisfying sexual dynamics develop the dynamics of everyday relationships.

Low Sexual Desire and The Impact on Relationships

What can be done to eliminate Low sexual desire?
Consult a doctor.

If you notice physical causes, such as impotence or illness, it is best to get rid of this disease. As can be seen, certain physical conditions can play an important role in sexual desire. For this reason, a medical examination will allow us to exclude this option.

Chat with your partner

Communicate with your needs and ask questions about your needs. Obviously, this may be the best solution to the problem, discussing failures and expectations and trying to find a relationship between them.

Visit a partner therapist

Help others, especially professionals, find solutions. Thus, therapists help to find the cause of low sexual desire and stimulate relationships both at the partner’s level and at the individual level.

Find intimate moments with your partner

Sometimes it is difficult to take the first step. Normal deficiency is convenient but dangerous. Go to your spouse, find a place of interest and try to return in intimate moments with love.

Try something new

Try to find new posts and experience dissatisfaction with sexual desire. Satisfy mutual sexual interests to provide additional motivation.

Leave fear

If you do not have sex with a partner for a long time, you can be afraid when you come. Sex may seem strange. Start slowly. Enjoy, feel, maybe break a little, but before you can investigate, you can have sex.

Relive relationship

Of course, if the relationship is weaker sex or not, this is probably another aspect. Maybe they can hear it themselves, but they share nothing else in ordinary life as a couple. Make an appointment to eat or dance, and plan your joint activities in the past.

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