How to Know People Are Lying

How to Know People Are Lying

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How to Know People Are Lying – We never know what’s in people’s hearts. The real thing is not necessarily what others tell us. This is not the time to go easily and trust people. You must be vigilant if you do not want to be fooled.

It is not really difficult to know if the person is telling you the injustice. Because, without knowing it, the person does or says something that indicates that he is lying. Here are ten ways to discover that people lie

How to know that people are lying

Moving eyes

The first way to discover someone who lies is through his eyes. There is a saying that the eye can explain more than speech. Maybe this saying makes sense, because you may know that other people are lying to you or not through their eyes. People who lie unconsciously will feel uncomfortable with themselves.

In your brain, you ask questions of this person who does not want to answer them. Because the person already knows the real answer (reality) in his brain but does not want to say it, his eyes will move constantly to the right and left.

This fuzzy eye is a sign that they are in a dangerous situation. A moving eye indicates that the person is backing up when the requested event has occurred. Then look for the back doors to “escape” the correct answer.

Flashing eyes

How to discover that the second person lying still looks at his eyes. If the person’s eyes are constantly blinking on an unnatural scale, she is probably lying. In general, people blink five to six times a minute. However, when people are lying down or stressed, they can blink 5 to 6 times continuously without interruption.

We may not understand it, but flashing eyes are constantly affected by dopamine. When emotions are triggered by adrenaline (for example, when lying down), the eyes blink unknowingly more often and faster than usual.

Mimicry of the face

The next way to discover someone who is lying is to pay attention to the expression of their faces. If your partner experiences rapid emotional changes or suddenly something unusual, the person may be lying.

See the color of your face, or suddenly blush or fade. Look at the nostrils, whether they are wide or not. These signs may indicate that the person is lying.

Fake smiles

Nowadays, children often use this term: false smile. If people really smile, the skin in the area close to the eye will attract and accumulate, causing wrinkles in the eyes. When someone laughs but the heart says the opposite, the smile produced is not too wide.

The person’s eyes did not shine. And you can see that someone’s cheek is not interested, so it does not cause wrinkles in the eyes (smiling eyes). Conversely, if people really smile, the smile will be very wide and cause wrinkles on the left and right sides of the lips. The cheeks will rise when people smile widely, then the smiling eyes will appear automatically.

How to speak

The way of talking is adding facial expressions. If you have noticed the look on the person’s face, but you do not know if she’s lying or not, pay attention to the way she talks. If the person suddenly changes the habit, she can lie.

For example, when someone speaks, he usually uses many hand movements. However, when lying down, the person tends to stay still and his hands do not move while he is talking. Or, how other people’s lies can be detected, can also be noticed by the breath.

If your interviewer takes a deep breath before or while you are speaking, something may be hidden because they save time for speaking. Even if the person is breathing too quickly, it can be unfair to you.

Body language

You may also know that people lie or do not lie because of their physical movements, or rather, they are known as body language. Because the body can say more information than speech. Look at the person’s hand to see if your hand looks relaxed or tense. If the person squeezes both hands while talking to you, you may know that you are anxious or are trying to hide something.

So watch your feet too. If your legs move constantly as if someone were leaving quickly, you are very tense and you want to end the conversation with you quickly. If you and the person are sitting, look at his legs. When the person’s legs are crossed on the knees and heels, they are lying down.

How to Know People Are Lying

Touch the body too much (especially the face)

The way to discover the person who lies is to: the body too much, more precisely, to touch the face. Simple things when people are tense and uncomfortable, touch their own bodies. Movements such as rubbing your neck, touching your lips and scratching the back of your head are signs that the person may be lying.

Throw the face when prompted

When you ask the person who suddenly looks on the other side, she is probably lying. He can do this to save time and think about how he can answer his questions with lies.


The way to know if a person is lying is if she becomes defensive. The defensive functions appear unconsciously when the person wants to defend himself. He does not want to be caught lying to you, so he will be moved and frightened and will deny all your accusations.

Change the conversation

The last way to discover people who lie is to pay attention to their words. Has the person changed the subject or not? If this happens, you must constantly focus on their conversation so that people do not want to answer your question. That’s how you know people lie to you. The examples above are just a few ways to find out if people tell you differently. Do you know it in another way?

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