How to deal with satire without using emotions

How to Deal With Satire Without Using Emotions

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How to Deal With Satire Without Using Emotions – Have you ever had a friend who satirized? What do you always hurt your eyes to constantly insinuate?

Disabling is really unpleasant, especially if you think you are the one who is suggested. However, it is not necessary to face it emotionally, there are different ways to deal with satire without arousing discussion. We are often moved when we are insinuated by others. The reactions to the satire of the face vary reprimand, confrontation with persons insinuating or who are silent of fear. Bacaterus has 10 ways to manage innuendo without engaging emotions or violence

How to handle satire

Clarification of the inhabitants of the neighborhood

It is not necessary for you to explain everyone in detail when you are involved in public. Let people judge themselves for your behavior so far. To solve the problem of satire, you must immediately clean with the person closest to you. They need a statement that you are not what they accuse. However, if their relatives are true friends, they will not easily believe the innuendo of others. Instead, they support you to support you.

Check if there were any problems.

Did you know that the insinuator really waits for your sad and angry answer? Therefore, do not show your anger and sorrow for the insinuator. You must be indifferent because there is no problem. Let’s say that satire is not for you and you do not insinuate it.

Believe me, your behavior like this irritates the insinuator and makes you angry. Your attempts to insinuate and humiliate you immediately fail. Instead, he was the one who was embarrassed because his insinuation did not serve his purpose.

Does not seem confused

One of the reactions of people with sudden satire is confusion and panic. You will try to explain to everyone that you are not so insulting. Stop doing something like that, because your panic is the happiness of someone you insinuate. They will be very happy if they see you confused and scared after being suggested.

Then, although his heart is angry and panicking, he does not show his feelings to others. Just put on your face and be indifferent as a fool. If he insinuates you, let him go and suppose you do not want to.

Reply with humor

Show your courage by answering allusions to people who constantly insinuate you. Your revenge is not with emotion or physical violence, but with humor. How to handle allusions with humor will be a shame for those who insinuate you. For example, when he insinuated you: “This has been going on for a long time, everything is waiting for you!” Express a humorous expression and react sarcastically with humor: “Are you waiting for me all, what am I missing?” However, you should also see the situation before responding with humor to satire. Do not let your classmates be sarcastic if your boss is also angry with you.

Show that you are happy

People who prefer to hear really want their goal to be angry, sad and angry for not feeling happy. They will be happy if the suggested people get worse, even with depression.

You certainly do not want to be depressed by him, do you? Come on, show him and everyone that you are happy. The joke is definitely a hobby to track down your social media account. Then try to download pictures that show that you are happy with your life. After a while, the satire gets angry. After a while, he will definitely stop the sarcastic action.

Avoid sneaking into the saddler

Jokes should not be shameless, especially in the digital age. Satire can be done via social networks. If a friend tells you that someone suggests, just look once.

Avoid hounding the social networks of people who insinuate you so that you do not bury yourself. If you continue to follow each satire, you will be tired and irritated. Do you like without offending the social networking accounts of people who insinuate you? Instead, he would be very happy if he knew that the target was upset because of his progress.

How to deal with satire without using emotions

Be brave

If you have the courage to face the insinuator, just ask why he insinuated you. Usually, the insinuator will escape by asking, “Do you feel?”

Here is the time to reveal the facts that really guided you. If you still do not want to confess, leave it. At least you dared to rebel and surprise the insinuator. No need for emotion, ignore it When you answer. Remember that you still have activities and friends that are always there for you. Why are you tired of sarcastic thoughts?

Be careful if you trust others

A kidney to treat satire must trust others so that you can do it. The gravity in the heart decreases slightly. However, you must be careful when sharing this problem with others. Try to trust the people you really trust.

If you are unsure of this person, you should not say anything. the person who insinuates it will be more enthusiastic about the suggestion. Then you just have to maintain the attitude and the words. Poor presentation or misinterpretation will ensure that satire has “ingredients” to suggest even more.

Respond successfully

The way to deal with the insinuation that keeps coming back is to show that you are above a level higher than the person who insinuates it. You must be more successful than them. Let them be jealous of you, but most importantly, you have demonstrated your quality. If you succeed and succeed, people who have been insinuating you for a long time will also feel tired and hopeless. Other people will also see that you are not what they have accused you of. 10. Self-inspection

Any satire that is offered to you should not weaken you. Transforms each satire into a means of self-inspection. Introspection does not mean that you feel guilty or inferior, but it can be a way to become a better person.

If you have found the location of your mistakes or defects, do not hesitate to solve them. Show that you are a person who is not influenced by a satire, but that you manage to become a better person. You can do 10 ways to deal with this satire, to free yourself from all the insinuations that have invaded you. Do not let the satire of others make you sadder. It’s time to get up and face all these insinuations.

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