do not let them take the reins of your life

Do not Let Them Take The Reins of Your Life

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Do not Let Them Take The Reins of Your Life – My grandmother was a widow at the age of 39 and until the day of her death, at the age of 67, my grandfather missed her. Her life as a couple was not perfect, but all the dead ends and problems they had before they were together were able to overcome her.

My mother says that she often saw him in mourning, but did not have to ask why she knew it because my grandfather was gone.

My mother is an orphan of father and mother; I lost my grandfather when I lost a 14-year-old girl and 29 years later, my grandmother when she was already a woman. My mother says that losing parents is something that can not be overcome so easily, you can continue to live, but every day you remember and can not wait to see them again.

Is it normal to miss someone so often?

It could be said that this is part of human nature. There are memories and experiences that have been so enjoyable and that have left us so happy memories, we feel so happy for a long time, this company should not feel this nostalgia, this void that cannot find peace.

Sometimes, as with friends or relatives for things in life, reunions reinforce this desire. But in the case of an old love, the death of a family member or pet, no choice but to overcome the grief and live with them “living in our minds”.

Who are you missing

It’s weird that dies and leaves us “alone” here. The people we saw not so long ago, who have left us behind, miss us.

Maybe you miss a beloved pet that has been with us for years or that friendship that got married one day and left little by little. You miss a place, a city and its culture, your country when you have to look for things in life for a better destination.

We have to remember everything that made us alive and happy. Unfortunately, it is also strange – sometimes – that it hurt us because we have to close the cycles and understand why we got hurt.

Is it bad to miss someone?

To some extent, it’s good to miss it. But sometimes, when that desire becomes so obsessive and saves a lot of time and attention, it can cause us a lot of damage; this is where you need help.

Why is it so bad?

A study conducted at Duke University by Dr. Laurence Jones concluded that the brain is more nostalgic than proactive. That is, we seem to spend more time remembering things from the past than focusing on the present.

As you can see, there is something natural to remember and remember, but it can be very serious if it turns into a painful situation that leaves us in a vulnerable state

Dr. Donald Catherall of Northwestern University in Chicago said two circumstances tended to be more traumatic in terms of losses; These are childhood losses and emotional losses.

do not let them take the reins of your life

To lose during childhood

When a child loses one of his parents, whether, through death or abandonment, you experience one of the greatest human pains. Both experiences make the child very emotionally vulnerable, so much so that it can be very difficult to recover from this pain.

This feeling of emptiness persists throughout the life of the person, which can often lead to a patient who abandons, would fill this need with addictive relationships, drug use, and even nutritional problems.

Missing a lost love

I think we can all testify that this loss is very painful. This pain has many faces and a common element, suffering. You yearn for what you had and you lived next to that special person. He had this idealized love and so many projects failed on his side.

The loss harms the effects of deception, of what could be and could not be closed due to lack of responses and cycles. This pain can last a long time if you do not have the help needed to overcome this sadness or very little if you know how to handle the situation.

How to overcome these absences?

It is important for you to know that you will never miss what you need. The memory will always be present, we must be careful that these memories are not painful.

With that, you must learn to let go. By living memories of the good old days, you lose the understanding of the present. You must give yourself the opportunity to live new experiences, meet more people, build a new and better life that heals your pain.

Do not forget that there is nothing wrong with a person, situation, place or pet; it is harmful to want what was formerly excessive.

Learn to appreciate the experiences of the present, to find new passions; set new goals and get ready for a busy life lucky to know.

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