Couples Break for These 6 Reasons

Couples Break up for These 6 Reasons

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Couples Break up for These 6 Reasons – For the marriage to reach its fullness, the couple must fight together against all difficulties. They must also respect each other, engage and have good communication. You have certainly read these recommendations in a million articles; You even heard them tell your parents, family members or close friends.

Although all couples desiring to marry their greatest desire live happily ever after, one must be aware that the path to success is somewhat complicated, because not only does love bring happiness; there are other elements that complete the marriage.

Unfortunately, some couples do not understand the true meaning of marriage, so they decide to step down and make the decision to divorce. However, as Enrique Delgadillo, author of Five Incredible, says, the couple should not consider divorce as a bad thing but a form of lifelong learning.

On the other hand, the goal is to help you understand the most common reasons for a marriage breakdown, to motivate you to work on the weaknesses you think you have in your relationship, avoiding the bigger ones. pain that causes divorce.

Why do couples end?

A study conducted by researchers at the University of Utah in Salt Lake City, United States, in collaboration with experts from the University of Toronto, Canada, examined in detail why couples often break their relationships. Among them:

1. Completely opposite

Believe it or not, the opposite poles attract each other; Imagine being with someone who thinks you are doing the same thing, it would be a little boring. However, the study confirmed that couples decide to separate when confronted with many conflicts, regarding the couple’s personality.

Egoism is one of the main reasons; there are people who believe they are right in everything they do, they do not allow the couple to make decisions, say or say; they cause the subtraction of authority.

Even selfish couples will find that their loved ones are unable to think or resolve their own conflicts, compromising the self-esteem, trust, and safety of their partner. Until the victim is physically and emotionally sick.

2. Unbelievers

We know that suffering from a couple’s unfaithfulness is one of the most painful and horrible experiences you can experience. Not only are dreams and desires broken, but this type of action has many consequences for the victim, both physically and emotionally. Even this pain is endured by all members of the family.

Another study indicates that a couple of deception can have negative health consequences, such as depression, anxiety, drug or alcohol use, and eating disorders. One of the psychological effects is that misguided people feel guilty about being misled.

It is not an exaggeration to note that infidelity involves many more things, such as lying, jealousy, abandonment, among other things, that make the couple decide to separate.

3 .”I do not need you”

For example, we are talking about emotional detachment:

  • the couple’s lack of attention
  • lack of affection
  • lack of intimacy
  • total ignorance of what they do or do not do
  • not being appreciated.

All this will cause many confrontations, discussions and not knowing how to overcome this step, it makes sense to decide the divorce. To better understand this point, it’s like living with a friend in your area, but there is no longer support, love, respect, and dedication.

4. Financial crises

I imagine that many of us have realized how terrible a financial crisis can be for a family. If a couple cannot solve these problems together, these problems make them disappointed and caused a couple makes bad decisions, such as ending the relationship.

We know that this is part of life, sometimes we will be healthy and sometimes not so much, but when there is a real marriage bet. This should not cause interruption; on the contrary, these are obstacles that everyone must overcome and overcome, by learning more and more every day from all experiences.

Couples Break for These 6 Reasons

5. Mature

To think that a person is still in the first cycle while having a commitment to get married is an absolute reason for couples to make the decision to separate.

Usually, he goes to a party every weekend, comes back late (he does not even sleep), he loves vices and there is no minimum respect for the beloved couple, nor for the family.

6. Full control

“I’m jealous because I love you”, is an expression that people say they have a lot of insecurity and mistrust. It caused emotional weaknesses or their fears, seriously damaging the beloved couple.

Obsessive jealousy is one reason you decide to end a relationship. Jealousy is not a sign of love, many people have abandoned years of emotional and physical abuse

In summary, the most important idea is :

  • to save your marriage
  • to see you happy fulfill the dream of living together forever

Seek specialist assistance if you discover any of the reasons above

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