Characteristics of Hypocritical People

Characteristics of Hypocritical People

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Characteristics of Hypocritical People – Because of the simple fact that he is one, each person must live a vital drama: their own interests and those of others, expressed in social norms, do not coincide. However, to survive, it is necessary to exist in a certain social fabric, be it a family, a village, a city or a big city. Strategies for controlling this tension appear here: we must be ourselves, but try to avoid contempt or rejection of others.

Fortunately, most people are able to combine these two realities (public interests and private interests) well. Other times, however, some people choose attitudes that are sufficiently cynical or opportunistic to be truly prosocial. Normally, we know these people as hypocritical people.

But … what really characterizes the hypocrites? Let’s take a look at a proposal of 6 typical characteristics of those who apply this strategy to socialize.

Characteristics of Hypocritical People

Although there are different ways to identify hypocrites, we can generally recognize the following characteristics.

Explicit but inconsistent morality

One way to distinguish hypocrites more easily is to examine their use of morality.

From an individualistic point of view, moral norms can have a boring side, especially when we think we should do something we do not want, but they also have a positive side, because we can call them when we want that others behave. a way that benefits us. Hypocrites know it and that is why they use morality to try to encourage others to respect these values.

This is of course in contradiction with your own respect for the rules. Anyone who lives in an environment where others live within moral boundaries that people do not respect has a competitive advantage, and hypocrites are abusing them almost without regretting them.

False care

Hypocrites generally look for quick and unfair means to obtain social capital (that is, the sympathy of many people, or at least the ability to use them).

The Hypocrites are customary to simulate a false interest in the life of the other person at important times, such as greeting or saying goodbye.

Characteristics of Hypocritical People

Minimal social contact comes in favor

Another common attitude among hypocrites is to make known the “friends” or people of your newspaper, without having anything to do with it, and to benefit only to ask for specific favors.

people with this Opportunistic states of mind are not consistent with the fact that.

And, if they can, they have the advantage to know them without paying anything back.

This is important because when you ask for a favor, a friendship, does not exist or no longer exists in practice, but only theoretically. However, it seems to be a real emotional connection, a few seconds before a request is made. Shortly after, this supposed friendship will be forgotten again.

They make useless gestures of kindness

Try to invite of an event where it is clear that you can not participate … These gestures are a way to seduce people without exposing themselves to minor inconveniences or disadvantages that it can cause.

Praise on one side, complicity in teasing each other

Another typical hypocritical attitude is to be friends while. It is also common for the hypocrite to raise this criticism,  by discovering imperfections in others.

Disappearance if the ground hits

When a person goes through a difficult time, hypocritical people go away although have a close relationship.

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