Can Women and Men be Just Friends

Can Women and Men be Just Friends?

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Can Women and Men be Just Friends? – This is a growing problem in the academic world and especially in the psychological world. Gender equality has brought many changes, like the way we connect. Women and men now share many aspects of their lives with the same thing, but can they be friends?

Evolutionary psychology seems to understand why this does not always work, but more and more people choose unequal sex partners. The answer that we find in almost everything is the ability of people to get to know each other and get to know each other.

Without this ability, women and men may misinterpret the signs. This is one of the biggest obstacles, so we can only be friends without a romantic comedy between them. In fact, it seems that this ability is the basis of true friendship between a man and a woman.

How do we get to know a friend?

Although we know what friendship is, it is important to know that friendship has different nuances for men and women. Friendship is a common interest, mutual support, and friendship. But men and women understand it differently.

Men develop a friendship based on activity. This is a more temporary relationship, defined as “adjacent”. This is a friendly and working relationship. Although men usually prefer friendship and mutual concern, they do not share their feelings with other men, although friendship spreads from time to time.

Women are another world. We can understand The friendship between women not as “one by one”, but as “face to face”. The friendship between women is based on sincerity, shared feelings and thoughts, and this is associated with more emotional and tactile relationships.

Humor is another factor that divides us. While men learn to laugh with friends, and this does not have much effect, women do not use aggressive humor among us, because they are afraid that they will harm others.

We are more harmonious than we think.

In essence, and in this respect, the friendship between a man and a woman is more than same-sex people. Women are looking for friends from male companies and options for events, hobbies or school or business issues. Men receive emotional support from colleagues whom colleagues cannot offer.

Thus, it is understood that a priori relations are ideal friendly relations, many relationships, and much more. What is the problem? According to some studies, it can be noted that sexual or romantic tension or calls can have a negative impact.

Wrong interpretation of the signal

A study conducted at the University of Science and Technology in Norway, published in the Journal of Evolutionary Psychology, showed that women and men misinterpret the symptoms of sexual intimacy. If our friendship is gender, we don’t know how to interpret sexual attraction.

It is noteworthy that women interpret the symptoms of sexual desire as friends, and men often interpret the symptoms of friendship as sexual interest. Previous studies have not led to encouraging data.

Studies on the natural selection show that men see excessive sexual interest, which allows them to be more interested in sexual companions than in evolutionary views.

But while evolutionists discuss natural human instincts, the reality is not the determining factor. Before throwing a towel and lying down, we must know that it hurts not only our friends, but it does not make it impossible.

Can Women and Men be Just Friends

Women and men can only be friends

The good news is that it is more difficult for the younger generation, our generation, to build and maintain good friendships with the opposite sex. In fact, they are just ordinary friends. It is also true that this fare is a bit more expensive for older people.

In the past, men and women were associated with romantic and pure breeding problems. But today, in many parts of the world, women and men communicate unhistorically. We work together, we work together, we share emp and interest in many things that bring us a lot, and then we combine things that share us.

Few keys

As in many aspects of good personal development, a healthy city between women and men seems to be the secret that women and men must build and realize.

Although men interpret the signs, I dare say that they misinterpret the signs of romantic charm in men, the symptoms of sexual attraction. If our partners hide all hope leading to a romantic or sexual relationship, the person suffers.

Learning to impose control and restrictions on yourself is important to the success of friendship between a man and a woman. Finally, respect and limitation are what we all unconsciously call our own sexual friendship. Friends do not attack space or time

There is no questionable secret code in any friendship. And the same rules of respect should be developed when our peers are different from us.

As adults, doing the best exercises with basic instincts and emotional Our intellect can help us build friendships with the opposite sex, which will bring positive things to our life experience.

The friendship between women and men is not only possible but is also the most complete of the existing corporate relations. Like almost everything, this is personal development.

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