Self-esteem and self-satisfaction as tools to be happy

Self-Esteem and Self-Satisfaction as Tools to be Happy

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Self-Esteem and Self-Satisfaction as Tools to be Happy – We all know this a long time ago: “Love your neighbor as yourself.” However, few people understand the meaning. Even if we have not met our needs, it is welcome to love our neighbors. However, as you say in the sentence above, it is selfish to put yourself first. However, self-esteem does not have to be selfish. This Self-Esteem and Self-Satisfaction as Tools to be Happy

Loss of our guidance system

Everyone is born with a survival instinct that tells us what our needs are. Throughout our lives, it is natural that we lose the inner aspect we need to sustain ourselves. The norms of the society in which we are born shape our behaviors until they become useful people for the system. These norms and beliefs will be inherited or passed on by adults to us.

All the formations that make us good citizens are unique in ensuring that individual quality is ignored or, at worst, reduced. All are born with unique and special characteristics that must be strengthened to create a society rich in different nuances. However, most people now need more uniforms.

Love for yourself

Someone who loves himself is very difficult because he does not like other people. In the same way, it is almost impossible for someone who has never been hurt before to harm other creatures. Unfortunately, this is not the most common we live in.

As we are still very young, we learn to compete and strive to be “something” in life. We forget that life means that we are something very important. At the same level and especially for the female gender, we believe that it is very important to meet the needs of others before your needs. With these two views, children grow up in an increasingly difficult and denaturalized society.

If we know of our innate interests and the need to shine as individual beings, we can not accomplish our destruction. If everyone is able to recognize and satisfy their own needs and be trained not for competition, but for cooperation, we have a very different reality.

Selfishness and self-esteem do not mean the same

Selfish people are people who think only of themselves and their own benefits. I think selfish anxious about everything else. However, people with self-esteem know their values ​​and satisfy their needs. A person who loves himself can easily love others, and selfish people have no problem in hurting others to achieve their goals.

When someone knows the value you have and you are sure to have a treasure, protecting your most valuable assets is a way to make them common to the whole world. Man.

How to increase self-esteem?

As we have said, many people have lost their love of life and can not affirm themselves. However, this way of perceiving ourselves can be changed with some determination and patience.

Let’s see what we can do to increase our respect for ourselves:

Watch your mind

The best way to start loving and having fun is to know what you think of yourself. You need to start focusing on the inside. We are accustomed to living abroad, but we need to change that habit immediately. I suggest that you record quiet moments where you can observe your mind every day. Meditation is a technique that will help you in this process.

Self-esteem and self-satisfaction as tools to be happy

Compare yourself to someone

Fortunately, everyone is different and we should not compare. Watch what you think of other people and try to stop them every time you compare them to others. You feel like you’ve fallen apart too much to feel on the top floor. Such behavior is a habit that can be lost by observation.

Thank you all

You have to treat yourself like desperate children. Try to accept everything that interests you. Physical appearance, fears, weaknesses, feelings. If you accept, the whole world will accept you.

Making a gift

The best gift you can give is acceptable information and donation. However, this is also very important. We give you time and love. Forget the occupation and allow yourself to do things in a certain way, tranquil. No need to spend money, simple things like sleeping, bathing or quiet roads. You may also want a material gift and do not expect another person to consider doing it. This little detail to yourself is full of joy that other people will enjoy.

You are the center of the universe.

The fact that you live is very dependent on the reactions you give to your senses and various events. You are the center of your universe and you spread it from the center and spread what is. If you want peace and joy fill your life, let that feeling remain within you.

And remember that meditation can help stop and experience the benefits of a healthy and conscious life. it is not just to start meditation but also to maintain an active life It is the same method of preparation for health that will help you to create new habits in your daily life, learning to learn to live and to learn. Feel the application – you can download it here – and you will be your best friend to guide you on the path of meditation. This is a very simple way to open the door to positive awareness and psychology to improve your well-being and ultimately to be happier.

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