How to face the difficulties of life 2

How to Face The Difficulties of Life (Part 2)

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How to Face The Difficulties of Life (Part 2) – In part 1, explain the first step How to face the difficulties of life is Accept changes, next step will be described in part 2 below.

Developing a Positive Perspective

Recognize and adopt the power of optimism.

Your posture is dictated to determine your latitude, not your physical form. In other words, the level or distance you go through in life is closely related to how you choose to see life, the situation, and the people. If you adopt a positive attitude, it will improve your life span as well as your physical and mental health.

Set negative thoughts.

If you just change what you say, optimism can be yours. To have more positive thoughts, you must be aware of the negative things you say to yourself.

Take a piece of paper and fold it in half. Write down all the negative and limiting beliefs to your left. This could be: “My life is terrible” or “I will never find someone to love.”

Listen in your mind for a few days. Give yourself thoughts that make you feel bad or negative and add them to the list.

Test useless thoughts.

Negative thoughts may have the power to lose your hope. However, if you see a magnifying glass, you will find that they are not very rational. For each appointment you write on paper, ask them to discuss these questions:

  • Can I rationally support this belief? Because you can not predict the future, you can not say that you will never find someone to love rationally.
  • What evidence exists that this belief is wrong? Have you ever loved anyone in the past?
  • Are there indications that this belief is correct? You can not predict the future again.
  • If this is bad? The situation arises, what is the worst thing possible? If this happens, you will be alone.
  • What can happen if this “bad” situation occurs? You can learn to love yourself more and enjoy what you love.
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Make positive approvals

Positive expressions and useful expressions define desired repetitive targets to cause an impression on the subconscious. Take a piece of folded paper and write the expression that changes the negative thoughts to the right and is limited to positive and transformative beliefs. Repeat this confirmation regularly.

How to face the difficulties of life 2

My life is terrible now, but hard times make it even harder.

Change expressions like the değiştir I feel alone, but I do not always feel like this ac in the section, I will never find someone to love.

Thank you. Helpful attitudes can help you develop a more positive attitude. Instead of thinking hard about your problem, focus on your blessings. Those who are most grateful for people with better physical health, better psychological health, more empathy and less aggression, better sleep, more self-esteem and the possibility of acquiring new friends.

  • Write about it. Start your thank-you log.
  • Tell others how much you appreciate them.
  • Meditate and focus on the spirit of gratitude.
Change of perspective

Sometimes we really get into the problems of life. Bilir Stuck “can prevent us from seeing the situation objectively and therefore finding functional solutions. Instead, we get lost in the drama. Take a step back and look at your life from the point of view of others.

Imagine what happened to you, something that happened to a colleague or close friend. If you can improve the situation and see negative thoughts or unrealistic expectations, ask yourself what suggestions you will make.


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