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How to Face The Difficulties of Life (Part 1)

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How to Face The Difficulties of Life (Part 1) – It can be very difficult to overcome the difficulties of life. You must deal with the loss, end your relationship and suffer physical and emotional damage. However, if you change your mindset to accept change, develop a positive attitude and emphasize the importance of the people involved with you, you will not only face difficulties in life, but you can also anticipate.

Accept changes

Suppose this change cannot be avoided

Nothing is more stable than change. Season, climate, trends, technology, etc. That always changes. Remember, nothing lasts forever. If you have difficulties, it will not belong. On the other hand, if your life is now unusual, enjoy the good, but understand that there will be more difficult times.

One way to stop thinking about change as a “bad” is to know that you and the people you know continue to grow. Every time you meet someone you saw a day or a few weeks ago you will see a new version and a modified version. Time has passed and this person has new experiences and thoughts. People are also not caught up in time and in life.

It sets realistic expectations.

If your expectations are not too high and realistic, you will always be disappointed in the future. When your expectations are too rigid, you leave no room for growth or change. When you set your expectations reasonably, your self-confidence increases and you are better prepared to face the one who will stop you.

  • An example of unrealistic expectations might be: “I need to get the highest score for all college programs.” On the other hand, a more realistic hope: “I have to make a great effort to succeed in university.”
  • You can periodically check the management of your expectations by checking if you are unable to meet only one outcome and if you have found different options.
  • If others bring unrealistic expectations, talk to them and explain how the pressure to satisfy you affects you. You might say something like, “If you expect me to, I’ll do it.”
Learn from your experience

Experimental learning is achieved through action or exploration and discovery. If you limit yourself to providing students with facts, you can forget. On the other hand, if you teach them to actively discuss the subject, they will remember it. However, if you allow them to actively participate and find the topic of the discussion, they will be able to learn. In education, students participate in experiential learning following a 6-step procedure. You can use the same procedure outside the classroom.

  • Judgment or discovery: in this case, this step means “living” and gathering experience.
  • Share or think: Talk about your reactions and observations about some of your life experiences with your friends, therapists or newspapers. Think about what you are and what you have found.
  • Processor analysis: Determine what is most important in a specific life experience. Ask yourself what happened, how you resolved and whether it was a recurring theme.
  • Generalization: combine experiences with others to find trends. Suppose the principles of real life arise.
  • Practice: Decide how you can apply what you have learned from experience to experience a different situation.

How to face the difficulties of life 1

Let’s live right now

Try not to focus too much on the future, or think too much about the past. If you do, you can lose what you are now.

  • Focus on awareness for your life in the present. Sensitization can be done anytime, anywhere. This is an action that is now and here focused.
  • If you are a beginner, you can engage in conscious meditation in a comfortable chair. Put your hands on your hips. Focus your eyes on the floor, about two or three inches from the wall in front of you.
  • deep breath. Sit down and be sensitive to the environment. Give your skin sound, smell or feel. Continue to breathe and focus on breathing carefully.
  • If you dive, just be aware of the fact that you think, and then focus your attention on your breathing. Do this exercise 20-30 minutes a day. With the application, you can do mindful meditation wherever you are.

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