Gratitude how to know how to give thanks to life

Gratitude: How to Know How to Give Thanks to Life

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Gratitude: How to Know How to Give Thanks to Live – To take things for granted is a very human attitude. In general, it is difficult for us to appreciate what we are used to. There is a mechanism in us that makes us live, unconsciously, with great greed for novelty. Yes, as soon as this novelty becomes daily, we lose interest. This way of life makes us forget the importance of gratitude and did not take things for granted.

Evaluation is not showing education

We are accustomed to thanking as children. This way of behaving, like so many others, is a sign that we have been trained. Education makes us worthy people to live in the society in which we were born. However, when we thank, in most cases, we are not aware of any form of gratitude.

Someone who really feels grateful does not have to show it to anyone. Gratitude is an inner feeling that makes us feel true fullness.

The complaint is fashionable

You understand how important it is to complain to many people. If you find someone on the street, it is quite possible that a lot of complaints about your person will rain right from the start of the conversation. There are few opportunities to meet someone who shares everything you could be grateful for. If at the beginning of a meeting one of the two parties starts the conversation without presenting a few complaints, the other person may lose his interest very quickly.

In most cases, complaints give rise to judgments and disagreements. In addition, they often make us believe that we control the uncontrollable. In short, it is very fashionable to complain that it is much more profitable and practical to change this habit for gratitude.

take things for granted

The real thanks

It is unlikely that someone who feels really grateful is dedicated to thanking left and right. However, it is very easy to realize that this is because it shows fullness and does not complain often.

True gratitude comes from a deep awareness of all that is given to us. When we are able to recognize our awareness and become aware of what accompanies us, gratitude comes naturally.

This gratitude fills our lives with joy and moves us away from the “should” or “should” that characterize our society. Everything is as it should be every moment and that’s what we feel. Nothing is missing, there is nothing left and that is why we feel satiated. It’s gratitude.

How to connect with gratitude?

In fact, connecting with the gratitude described above is not an easy subject for the moment we are living. The constant need to be somewhere else than where we are is not the best scenario. Life at full speed does not need time to access this gratitude.

We must strive to live more slowly to appreciate everything we already have and can not see.

We must not lose what we must thank God

One of the most absurd traits of man is to appreciate things when they are no longer. How many people regret what they do not have anymore! And how many people do not care what they have when they have it! Unfortunately, we humans function this way.

If we use our intelligence in less rational tasks, we could use it to evaluate what we have. When we are able to perceive life and appreciate what we have, life becomes a paradise. To live in this way, we do not have to reach this future that promises us happiness. Happiness is here and now, if we know how to see and appreciate it.

Gratitude how to know how to give thanks to life

Moments to connect with gratitude

As we said before, contact with gratitude requires moments of peace. We must favor the times when we should not do anything. We can reserve certain hours of the day so that they are not productive and we devote ourselves to the art of doing nothing.

For example, walking around without having to visit a particular place can be a great opportunity to communicate with gratitude. We are rarely aware of things that are as vital and essential as walking with legs. This fact, if we could observe it and give it the importance of what it really has, could make our trip a real pleasure. If we add to that the ability to breathe, our vision, our ears, our ability to feel, we can make an endless list and maybe thank you on our knees.

Thank you every day

One of the best practices you can do is to write several dares for which you are grateful. You can use a notebook for that buy this purpose. At the end of the day, write everything you can be thankful for each evening. The list may be short at first, but according to the custom settings on you, I can assure you that the list will be much longer. This simple habit will get you used to automatically placing what you have and forgetting what you do not have.

Also, try to find reasons to thank both what you think is positive and what we call negative. You will agree with me that, in retrospect, there are events that, in your time, which, at present and over time, are things for which we are extremely grateful. For this reason, it is customary to thank everything that happens in your life.

Forget your expectations of how and when things should happen and be grateful in all situations. Your life will improve a lot!

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