The virtue of keeping an open mind

The Virtue of Keeping an Open Mind

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The Virtue of Keeping an Open Mind – This happens very often. Nowadays, we find people like this one who has a good frame of mind, even close friends, who are reluctant to make changes, may even listen to different opinions on their own voice because they believe that all of his models of perception, he falls into error and nonsense.

We know for sure that you also know people with this profile of thought and personality. The complex comes from family, friends, colleagues with whom we must be in contact every day, to realize a large number of walls that inhabit them and the difficulty of living with such people.

However, you must be clear. Do not let yourself be influenced, do not let yourself be “vaccinated” by the virus of inflexibility, denial, the iron routine that refuses to change the fear of destabilizing oneself. An open mind is a weapon of power that we must know how to develop.

Strategies to keep an open mind

There is something that deserves to be taken into account. You might think that you are the example of someone who knows how to maintain an intellectual openness, that you have moved away from this form that sculpts.

In a way, however, we all have a different angle that inclines towards this opening is not completely. We all have “small” anxiety and we have a small “comfort zone” from which it is very difficult for us to go out. For example, can you accept other opinions than yours? Do you think that your principles, your opinions, and your beliefs are always true?

To deepen these aspects, we invite you now to take into account all these dimensions that help us keep an open mind.

1. Ask what’s around you

It’s not about doubting everything we see or do. It would be better not to go without saying, to accept that “everything is as it should be”. It is quite possible that, for example, you need to improve many aspects of your work. You can even improve your skills for your professional development.

It’s even possible that the person you admire in this way is not always right and that many of the things you read every day have different nuances to consider. Be a little more critical in everything around you.

The virtue of keeping an open mind

2. Accept the unknown, admit the unexpected

Anxiety is the biggest architect barrier you can find in your life. It is he who prevents you from discovering new options, new methods that could lead you to greater personal satisfaction. Why not accept everything that happens without warning? Why not give the opportunity to the unexpected?

3. Get inspired by everything around you, even your enemies

Believe it or not, people can get excellent teaching, even from what hurts us. An open mind is someone who listens to all opinions and someone who does not let his face run away.

You may be used to hurting others, deceiving and submitting to others. However, knowing these patterns of behavior, we learn more “to know what we do not want to be”, to understand “where do we come from for what we want for us”.

Life does not stagnate in the failures or the losses if we give ourselves for them to recognize draw the honor, the errors, we will initiate the accelerations for the change, for the improvement. It’s about being a little more flexible and adjusting our perspectives on positivism and surpassing.

Life is a constant source of inspiration to observe the open eyes, to look after your appearance and to confront you internally. Only in this way will you achieve true knowledge of things. Do not be afraid to make mistakes and just dare to live with an open mind.

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