The Most Important Ethical Values

The Most Important Ethical Values

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The Most Important Ethical Values – Ethical values ​​are those that structure human behavior in order to reinforce the importance of acting consciously, respectfully and without negatively influencing the people around us.

Different values ​​are considered ethical depending on the perception of each individual. However, the most important ethical values ​​can be mentioned: justice, freedom, responsibility, honesty, and respect.


Justice means being fair and giving everyone what is due. Those who do justice must do so impartially and apply the rules responsibly and in accordance with the law.

Although justice seems to work unfairly in specific situations, we must not forget that it is applied according to what society considers morally correct or justified for the common good.

For example, if a person does not fulfill his obligations and commits inappropriate activities such as theft or fraud, she knows that she must be punished by the court for her actions and her lack of responsibility and ethics.


Freedom is a fundamental and inalienable human right, that is, the ability of individuals to make decisions, to act and to assume their responsibilities. The freedom of one person does not limit the freedom of others.

In many cases, however, the law had limited freedom to protect the common good, protect it and prevent abuse of power and authority.

An example of freedom can be: respect and let animals live in freedom in their natural state. Removing wild animals and keeping them in captivity is a deplorable act that undermines the freedom of a living being.

Another example is freedom of expression, which gives people the duty and law have to inform the need and to express their opinions and feelings without influencing others.

The responsibility

Responsibility shows the qualities of people to meet the commitments made, whether they feel totally at ease or not.

Responsible people are those who keep their word, who can analyze situations and react to the consequences of their actions. In some cases, responsibility depends on, among other things, a function, a social or family role.

For example, when a person adopts a pet, the person who adopts must know what her responsibilities are, that is, that she covers her basic food needs, veterinary drugs, her home, her love and his good or bad behavior that the animal exercises.

The Most Important Ethical Values


Honesty brings out truth and sincerity. People will consider honest people responsible, honest and respectful.

Honesty is a value that encompasses all human actions and thoughts, generates trust, and does not allow lies and deceptions.

There are several examples of honesty such as paying a debt without waiting for someone charge. The other examples of Honesty are not offering items in bad shape.


Respect is a mutual value that we must print at an early age. Respectful people know how to appreciate the importance of all those around them and with whom they share links.

Respect as a value applies throughout life. Respect enables people to better understand and understand their interests and to share their interests and needs.


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