Arras in marriage

Arras in Marriage

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Arras in Marriage – One of the most important moments of a wedding is the sending of arras, but the real meaning is very different from the beginning. Read on to recognize history and tradition.

Marriage is full of symbols that represent promises, desires, unity, and surrender. One of them is the arenas considered representative of the couple’s material and spiritual well-being.

The arrangement is full of emotions and meanings that go beyond the coins. The man transfers his wealth to the woman and returns it. In addition, the realization of this action took the blessings of the descendants of the association and the priests.

Like the rings that symbolize the agreements, the arras represents the actions of sharing everything. “My property is mine and mine.” Well-being is shared. They also want abundance for the future.

What is Arras?

Ark takes thirteen mines, 12 gold coins, and silver and takes a child to an altar in a basket or bowl. After the wedding ceremony, the godfather gives the bride to give them the bride.

Usually, mothers receive wedding day gifts for the newlyweds, but this is a more modern tradition.

There are other symbols looking for coins such as jewelry, flowers or candles. In some cases, couples choose parts that have special meaning for themselves from other countries because their families are developing or will stay there later.

Although a priest is consecrated in this case, prisons can also be made during civil marriages.

What is the sending of Arras?

After the exchange of the ring, the priest blessed Arras and gave his son-in-law, “Take these bows as a sign of God’s blessing and the things we will share.”

Then the bride gives them the same words and the prayers bless their wives and their goods.

The origin of the arteries is far

The word Arra has a long evolutionary path from the Paleolithic era of Syria. At that time, In 1400, J.C, “Erabatu” was the family’s tax rate. This word became the Greek “Arrabón”, a promise that was left as a guarantee of purchase.

During the Roman Empire, they first recognized it as “Arrhabo”. In the text of Plautus, in the second century BC, Arrhabo was a promise of payment, which was also held as a guarantee. Later, Gaius Plinio, a Roman prosecutor from 70 to 72 AD, used the word ‘Arra olan when he requested commercial guarantees.

In ancient Rome, the word Arrabón was used in pimping jargon to determine the payments received by prostitutes.

Seriousness in the Middle Ages

Arra remained commercially valid in the Middle Ages in Visigoth, Spain. In addition, the time in the purchase contract is used by the buyer to indicate the down payment paid as security before the purchase.

And in the early Middle Ages, marriage was a legal-commercial agreement signed into the contract. The bride’s father agreed to give custody of his daughter to his mistress in exchange for the surrender of a dowry.

This document is called Disclaimer (where word commitment appears). At the same time, the Arras law was signed, showing the assets transferred to the bride. This usually happens without the consent of a minor woman. Generally, future partners do not recognize themselves.

Long after the contract of the Law of Marriage and Arras, the celebration of marriage is celebrated when the woman reaches her reproductive age. Over time, this ceremonial became a religious movement under the influence of the church. At that time, the level was preserved as part of the tradition.

Arras in marriage

Origin of the religion Arras

In the tradition of the Catholic Church, the level comes from the Old Testament. Abraham sent Rebecca a pair of gold necklaces as a sign of her marriage to the Gold Cup, her robes and Isaac, according to the creation.

The priest, therefore, said in the marriage, “The omnipresent God commanded Abraham the servant to worship Isaac and Rebekah for those who worship as a sign of divine marriage.”

Why 13 drag

13 The origin of the arras is unclear. “Prelate primers of the 19th century, this number is stated in the Old Testament, especially since Jacob is the son of Isaac and grandson of Braham, Jacob, has 12 children who raised 12 tribes of Israel.

Others think it comes from the Arab tradition. This is a game for all months of the year, just like bronze coins for poor people to spread the wealth.

Select Your Arras

Since you know all about Arras, they are already playing. a very important role in marriage. So take them well and give them special meaning. Most jewelry has a different type, but they can be unique and represent their values.

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