Why the ex always comes back

Why the Ex Always Comes Back….

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Why the Ex Always Comes Back… – Why does the ex always come back? Because they miss us, do they become aware of their mistakes or just want to have fun? There are many reasons! The most important thing is that you know how to identify them.

There are many expressions describing this situation that has happened to us all. “Whoever leaves without being expelled, returns without being called” is the best known. Another states that “everyone who misses you is looking for you” and also someone who confirms “only what is lost is appreciated”. Why does the ex always come back?

Does the ex always come back?

It all depends on various factors, but the most important is the reason for the divorce. Probably if your ex has made the decision to break the relationship, he will finally realize his mistake and will try to come back. If the divorce was your decision, you may not agree with your reasons.

Maybe he asked you for “a moment to think” or you expected him to be at the station, like Penelope in the popular song. You could even be the one who would knock on your door and ask you to come back.

To return to the popular saying “One who leaves without being thrown …” occurs when there was no clear reason to stop or his excuses were inconsistent. And for this reason, he thinks he has the right to return at any time and will be available for you.

But be careful, because you may have left the door open with a “we can always be friends” when you feel too guilty to leave.

Of course, not all the elders come back, only those with whom we have not been too clear or who accept assignments that do not correspond to them. The rest disappears from our lives, leaves us an indelible and continuous impression.

Why does the ex always come back?

To return to the ex who does not give up or who thinks he can magically appear and we welcome them with open arms, the reasons can be as numerous as there are people in this world. The most common are:

1. Because he already knows you

Starting a zero relationship takes effort: take a cup of coffee, make presentations, tell the story, ask, please, do a favor. A complete release of energy that you may not want to do. But he does not want to be alone either.

This is where he remembers that he had an ex-girlfriend for whom he did not have to ask what he was doing or what his favorite dish was (because he had already done so, not because he remembered the answer) and he was calling or looking for you.

2. Because remember the good things about you

For example, if he left you, he probably told you that you were not there for him, that there were things about you that did not please him – if he was sincere with you – or that he did not have fun. Maybe the weather has refreshed you a bit.

3. Because he is jealous

Do you still have contacts in your social networks? Or do you have a friend in common? You can then know how you are going since you divorced. If you have seen someone else, your hurt pride is stronger than him. He can not let you go with another!

Be very careful if this is the case, you could hurt yourself. Once you reach your goal, nothing will stop you from leaving.

Why the ex always comes back

4. On sex

Of course, I could not miss this reason why the ex-partner always comes back … or never leaves. If they asked in private, why would he give up? The problem is that if you are still in love with him, it can be harmful and disturbing. Because at some point you will realize that you only want to spend the night (or have a good time) and nothing else.

5. Because he knows you can not resist the temptation

Be very careful with the ex who comes back when they are bored or want to have fun. Especially when they pose their best face and do not clarify things.

If it’s a game for him, it’s for both of them. But if it misleads and hurts you, you do not deserve it. Date dignified and do you love enough to resist their words when you realize they are empty and without real feelings

6. Because it really changed

All returning former members are not “evil beings” as we have described in previous sections. It is true that others have really understood their mistakes and have changed or are in the process of correcting them.

How do you know if your intentions are good? Well, because you know him, you know when he’s lying. Look in his eyes and look at a sincere look. And of course, put to the test for a moment. You must prove that you have changed and that this path will continue to follow.

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