My boyfriend left me because I was not a virgin

My Boyfriend Left Me Because I Was Not a Virgin

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My Boyfriend Left Me Because I Was Not a Virgin – My friend was very enthusiastic because, in the end, we wanted to commit ourselves, we came out of a piece and we never did it because of a conflict between us, he always apologized to me and I said, “She did not rush my love.”

Well, the truth that I’m happy that he respects me a lot and told me that if one day something happened, it would really be a special moment. After seven months, he told me that he wanted to marry me

Unexpecting Question

And I said hey, but if it’s not you that you gave me and I want to get married. In my house, I looked good because he is a gentleman, always well dressed and I was very well executing the truth with my parents.

I said that I never had intimacy, I quickly went to get the ring, told me that I would like to have my taste, so my father took me into account, Pel, to such a special jewel.

He bought the ring and said, “I like you going to eat tonight and there you’ll find it”, I say, I was so romantic, for the moment that I would live and never forget, and that’s exactly what happened. I will never forget

When dinner came, a red wine toast, he told me that he loved me and took the magic box where the ring came. I’m totally excited, I reached out, but he said in a serious tone that he had never seen and heard …

Love, before handing this ring, must know one thing: are you a virgin? And it was surprising me because I did not expect this question, I waited “Will you marry me?”

My boyfriend left me because I was not a virgin

I thank you for asking

I was honest and told him that was not the case at the time. He went crazy and told me he was sorry, but he did not marry these honest women until we do the marriage.

At that time, I gave him a slap and told him stupid macho, I do not want to see my life and I thank you for asking for it before they make the mistake of making me become a silly like you.

I left the place a year ago what happened and I already have another boyfriend who has nothing to do with this man who lives with thoughts so selfish and chauvinistic.

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