How to recognize absorbing relationships

How to Recognize Absorbing Relationships

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How to Recognize Absorbing Relationships – Absorbing relationships do not give us room to grow outside the environment of others, to be happy or to have fun. It is so toxic, it lowers us, it depresses us and lowers our self-esteem.

Some people think that lack of trust illuminates us in absorbing, toxic, and complex relationships. To spend all day with your partner, “Needs” can be synonymous with love but also with emotional addiction. When we get past the first stage of autumn, when everything revolves around this beautiful creature on our side, everyone must have their own activities and space.

The key to recognizing absorption ratios

It is easy to mix love and passion for addiction. Over time, it is clear that the person with whom you choose to share your days absorbs all your energy, leisure and activities. Pay attention to the symptoms of this interesting relationship:

1. You for autonomy

As we said, it is normal to want to be together as long as possible at the beginning of love. However, after the end of the first phase, the first signs of the absorbent relationship begin.

In this way, the loss of autonomy is reflected in the fact of not going to an event without “work”. Or reduce contact with other people (friends or family) by spending time together. It is important to sustain even if social life is reduced.

Lack of autonomy can be felt when all projects are planned for couples and there is no place for an individual. Even if we do not like sports or romantic movies, we’ll do it together.

2. Messages and calls in progress

It is good to accept romantic words in the morning or before falling asleep, but it is not fun when a message or phone call turns into a bomb attack in Güz, Sabah. Specifically, if they change or create problems in other environments, such as work or work

When the sweetness and passion are exaggerated, they are empanadas and disorders. He calls you every five minutes because it can be a serious problem and undoubtedly can be a sign of absorption of relationships because he wants to know how you are or can not live without hearing his voice.

3. You have no privacy

You have given your password to social networks, emails, and mobile devices … Read the messages your friends left and you need to know who is calling you. Proximity is not the same as a poisonous and suffocating relationship.

Your partner does not need to accompany you for birthdays or parties. Especially when your other girlfriends do not leave. If you want to take clothes or make an appointment with your doctor, you should not accompany him.

Maybe you want to spend as much time as possible, but it’s important that everyone has their own life. This does not mean that you do not want or want less, but we all need air, freedom and time to do what we want.

4. Set the calendar

In connection with the above, it is very dangerous for your partner to tell you what to do and, above all, tell you that I have to guide you in all activities. Everyone has their own duties, obligations, and obligations, and we can have a lot of fun in common, but you have the opportunity to determine your agenda.

How to recognize absorbing relationships

5. You get jealous

They say that jealousy is the same as love. However, in some cases, we must be very careful because it is a distinctive sign of an absorbing relationship.

A very jealous person is not confident, he thinks someone who is not careless will betray him, he will stop loving him, or he will find someone better and leave forever.

Jealousy can be anywhere, anytime: with your group of friends, colleagues, sports teachers, neighbors, and even your family. Accepting such an approach can worsen.

In the beginning, you may listen to please but then you will regret it. No one has the right to tell you how to dress, who you see, whom to work with or what you will learn. Plus, you get jealous of other people!

6. Conditions are always applied

Finally, a sign of assimilation of the relationship is the pressure on the spouse. “Choice between friends/colleagues/ work /work/family or for me” is a very typical statement.

It is difficult to be in this situation because, on the one hand, we want to spend more time with the people we love the most. but, on the other hand, do not ignore our goals, dreams or desires.

What these “absorbers” do not understand is that the only thing they do is stay away from their life, not the other way around. Just think of the kind of relationship you have, do not hesitate to leave.

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