Dear Husband, This is What I Have Never Told You and I Need You

Dear Husband, This is What I Have Never Told You and I Need You

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Dear Husband, This is What I Have Never Told You and I Need You – Between two beautiful dreams, she listens to her alarm clock at six in the morning, this is the hour at which her routine begins. She gets up slowly so as not to wake her husband who sleeps peacefully beside her; He takes a bath and prepares to go to work. Sometimes he usually writes a letter and wishes him a great day.

In the afternoon, she rushes home, because she has to prepare the food and take her husband to work. After having seen him for a moment, he says goodbye to him with a kiss, that he loves her and that he waits for her at the end of his working day. When they arrive at nine o’clock in the morning, she waits anxiously; sometimes, she puts on makeup, bathes and perfumes her body while she prepares her cup of coffee and her dinner.

Different ways to love

They have 14 years of marriage, enough time to learn what are their different ways of showing their love. She knows that he keeps the series at his side, cooks exotic dishes and every night he takes her in his arms.

However, there are things you have never told your husband for fear of conflict or perhaps because you think they are unimportant things. But now she has to express herself freely because she feels a great emptiness in her heart, feels that something is not making her happy and that it is necessary to let her husband know that their relationship does not work as well. although he believes it.

She had the idea to make a small list of ideas so that her husband, once arrived, can talk to him. 

1 Recognition

I always hope that when you come home from work, you tell me about me, that you realize that I am getting ready and that I am working hard to see you happy. I want you to recognize my efforts and my values, my sacrifices; because sometimes I want to hear those motivational words from you, those phrases that confirm that I’m doing the right thing in our relationship.

2 Details

I know our relationship is strong, but over the years you’ve stopped selling at retail. I can think that you now have more responsibilities and that you feel safe in the relationship. However, I want to tell you that I need these messages of love that you sent me, this bouquet of roses that you gave me each time we reached a goal, this box of chocolates filled with cherries that I love so much.

I think these details will rekindle our love and strengthen our mutual commitment.

3 Your different ways of entertaining and having fun

I know you love social networks and when you leave your job, the first thing to do is open your account to distract and relax your mind. However, I do not think we share the same fun patterns and let you spend quality time that you can spend with me.

I do not want you to stop doing what you want, do it when you are asleep and take the time to talk or enjoy things that we both love.

Dear Husband, This is What I Have Never Told You and I Need You

4 Your solution does not listen

I am very grateful that you are trying to solve my problems for the first time, but I often talk to them to relax and feel better without looking for your solutions, because you make me feel that you have the ability to solve them myself.

Of course, I need your advice and your constant support, but believe me, we all have different ways of reacting and, as a result, we have different perspectives on situations. As a result, your solutions may not be suitable for what I usually think.

5 Your virtue does not know how to listen

On more than one occasion, you will not allow me to explain a situation if you interrupted me by saying something else that is not appropriate; By doing this, you feel that you are not interested in what I say or what I think. I ask you to listen to me and act with some interest in my conversations.

6 Your reviews hurt me

I love you with all my soul, which is why I believe that everything you say to me, good or bad, arouses in me a feeling of sadness. Sometimes your criticisms usually hurt me. I know I have to work to build my self-esteem, so I do not think your words tell you bad intentions.

Sometimes you let me think that I am a bad woman or that everything I do or do that bothers you. Stop criticizing me and help me improve things I do not normally do.

My Husbands, this is What I Have Never Told You and I Need You

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