Assertive communication express what you feel without feeling guilty

Assertive Communication: Express What You Feel Without Feeling Guilty

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Assertive Communication: Express What You Feel Without Feeling Guilty – Assertive communication is not as simple as we think, because it can be guided by guilt to express what we really mean.

How many times have you been silent to feel guilty? This is what we mean when we actually determine what we want or what we think, when we are afraid of this statement, even if we express disapproval or criticism, even if what other people want to hear or what is happening initially. Produce a better environment.

Learn to say what we want

The word “hardness” refers to safety. A racing sensation that lets you say what you want when you want to express yourself. Saving something that you want to share with other people may have happened more than once. It is not positive, uncertain.

Of course, our words can be offensive, maybe not funny, even real insults. The most important thing is to be able to express without harming others, even if we do it accidentally because they do not want to hear what we say to others.

The truth is painful, sometimes it is unpleasant to know the opinions of others, but in reality, we must learn to counter this fear of silence, even though we express ourselves.

Social acceptance surrounds us in such a way that someone who always talks too much is more careful. In this way, he refrained from seeing how his words were rejected and what he said was not accepted by all. So on the second or third level, ambitious communication was banned because it was not present in all interactions. This is where we need Assertive Communication to Express What You Feel Without Feeling Guilty
Is it hard to be pretentious? Is it difficult to communicate with an active assertive? If you are a confident person with good communication skills, you will definitely find it easier to communicate with confidence. If you are not sure about yourself, can be manipulated and you are a person suffering from emotional instability, the opposite is true.

Characteristics of ambitious people

Do you want to know if you are a known person? If your communication is intact? Encourage all these qualities that must be fulfilled by all those approved:

  • Express your positive and negative feelings and feelings.
  • Solve problems according to your own criteria, not others.
  • They say no, without shame and for reason.
  • They do not lie or argue.
  • Accept criticism and understand the other person’s position.
  • The deal, offer alternatives, negotiate …

If you are identified with these features, you are insured, otherwise, we will see what steps we can take to get our guarantee today, but we continue to hide.

Assertive communication express what you feel without feeling guilty

Believe in yourself

Self-sufficiency will be the first step in expressing what you really want. No one may want to trust you but you. You must be born, wait impatiently.

But beyond that trust and confidence, you need to know what instructions you need to follow to truly express what you want, not what others want to hear. Let’s go!

  • Feel good: because you have the right to decide, to express yourself, to have your own thoughts.
  • Make sure you can choose: Because you have the right to choose what you want and what you want and what you want.
  • Transfer of strength and confidence: if you do not, others will try to guide you and fall into the trap of not being confident. Be sure of what you want and send.
  • Respect the opinions of others: nothing can be better than the other, as long as each point of view can be respected and consistent. Nobody can impose your idea.

Some points to consider if you want to communicate well. However, remember that when all goes well, you should be aware of the sensitivity of others and control your emotions so as not to be too aggressive.

Tell us what we want without feeling guilty.

When you achieve this, you achieve great success: expressing your feelings without feeling guilty. Something we need to do without feeling guilty or bad, without feeling obligated to say what others want to hear. Careful communication keeps us from feeling guilty.

self-approval living in you and always showing empathy with your interlocutor. Be sensitive to express your desires in the best way without feeling guilty and hurting others. Ambitious communication is in you.

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