Never use these phrases in a couple of discussions

Never Use These Phrases in a Couple of Discussions

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Never Use These Phrases in a Couple of Discussions – During the course of professional training, we recently emphasized and emphasized the importance of discussing teamwork issues to find solutions to create personal relationships so that teams can grow together and progress.

While the speaker spoke, he could not prevent this valuable information from being transferred to the family level and in particular to marriage.

How the couple communicates determines the happiness of the marriage

Although we can not choose our colleagues, we do it with our partner and that is why it is much easier to approve or discuss important issues. But it is interesting to note that this is the other way around, that it is easier for us to reach agreements with our colleagues than with our husband and that unfortunately leads to a long-term divorce.

Why is this happening?

Simple: because in our work or our boss, we would never respond to insults, hurt or ridicule; we think twice because our work would be in the middle. We think twice before telling them, we remain silent, we take care of our tone of voice and, in many cases, we wait until the anger is over and then speak clearly and without passion.

In our family or with the couple, there is such trust or dominance, and we forget respect, tolerance, dialogue, prudence, and love and cause a lot of pain and resentment.

If some do not speak, something is wrong because we all have problems and try to solve them; but those who omit or ignore them as “not fighting” only exploit and destroy all that surrounds them.

To argue is not to fight

Discussing can be a conversation even slightly passionate, but never offended. Here, it is important to dialogue and discusses carefully to solve the problem and especially to strengthen our marriage and our family.

It must be clear to everyone that just as we are tolerant of others in street work, we must be tolerant at home and at home. In general, when we speak, we must make sure that:

-The tone and volume of the voice

-The words we use

– Our body language

And above all, avoid at all costs the sentences that I inflict on you because they do not build the pair and do a lot of damage. You must avoid these Phrases in a Couple of Discussions 

Phrases that destroy

1 “Maybe I should leave you”

Phrases like this, where a threat is launched, speak only of the unity of those who say it. None of this applies because it does not pay for the relationship and yes against uncertainty and lack of involvement. Nobody in a house should feel its conditioned permanence, our house is a safe place in the world for our children.

2 “We talk all day”

Really? Is not it that you are trying to solve a real problem in the background and are just circulating? If we do not speak honestly and clearly about marital anger, it will cause constant discomfort. You must talk about it!

Send the children to the grandparents for a while and stay home alone with the promise that they will not leave until they find the best solution for everyone. If you have to cry and say things as they are, it’s done. He prefers a terrible day and leaves calm and peaceful as many bitter days and full of resentment.

3 “You are a …!”

Insulting, disqualifying or downplaying the comments of the couple or a family member causes a lot of damage. Avoid abusive penalties at all costs or use foul language.

It is very wrong to say violations to family members. If you are used to doing it or if you tend to offend while discussing a topic, you must change because it is absolutely not correct. It is better to remain silent to insult and cause irreparable harm to those we love most.

Never use these phrases in a couple of discussions

4 “Leave it, you do not understand”

This saying is like a question about the intelligence and skills of the loved one, it’s an insult to his person. We all understand that the problem is that we do not know our feelings correctly or do not want to explain them. This expression is only spoken by those who are more concerned with delinquency than with the resolution of difficulties.

5 “You never, or always have”

Generalizations hurt, are intelligent and identify the situations that cause the problem, and do not generalize. It’s about solving, not finding a culprit to punish.

Avoid generalizing and being specific to what you want to say. At first, it’s a bit difficult because we change the tone of the speech, may As you do, it will become easier and communication will improve significantly.

6 “Relax!”

To argue does not mean fighting, but if that is the case, the moods begin to warm up, it is better to take a moment to breathe and not lose the purpose of the conversation.

When you ask an angry person to calm down, you just create more anger, you think about how you feel when she tells you something like that. Do you turn on more truth?

7 “It does not matter”

To say this only speaks of the low interest in solving the problem, in the relationship and in the couple.

8 “You do not know what you’re saying”

Again, disqualify the couple and question their intelligence and therefore your judgment on the choice of the partner.

9 “Do what you want”

This sentence is the introduction to divorce, for it is only great selfishness that prevents it from considering the common resolution of problems as a priority.

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