keep the romance alive in marriage

Keep the Romance Alive in Marriage

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Keep the Romance Alive in Marriage – Details, and gestures of love that we can and can not do cost us and succeed in encouraging and strengthening the relationship in marriage

Sometimes, when we spend a lot of time with our partner, we notice that the routine begins to dominate our lives and that the “magic” of the beginnings is lost.

But we can remedy this with small romantic gestures, love that we make every day, details that do not cost us and that encourage us to strengthen and strengthen our relationship, especially if you do not expect them. Here 9 gestures of love to keep the romance alive in marriage

1. The hello romance

Waking up every morning is a lot nicer when they say hello with a smile, why do not you tell them? The effect is not lacking: a back with a bigger smile.

There is no better way to start the day than to think of the romance of good manners.

2. Hold by the hand

One of the simplest and most beautiful things to do: hand in hand. Whether you’re walking or watching TV, if you’re holding hands, it’s romantic, tender and sweet to feel closer to each other and to cultivate love.

It’s also certainly one of the first “steps” you gave at the beginning of the relationship, why do not you remember?

3. Write messages

Not so long ago, letters or phone calls were expensive and time-consuming. Now, thanks to new technologies, it already seems to be the Pleistocene: use it and remind your partner how much you still remember him to free the romance.

A “how’s the day?” It’s enough to have a smile and if you accompany it with a romantic message like “I love you” or “I want to see you”, you deserve it.

4. Romantic Dinners

Maybe not for every day, but striving for a romantic dinner at least every month is a small gesture that speaks volumes.

It is true that when we have children and we work, we do not have time to prepare a candlelight dinner, but that is not an excuse.

A special dinner does not require a lot of material, the most important is to look at the details and be creative: the favorite food of both and a movie can be very romantic if they are prepared with love.

keep the romance alive in marriage

5. Leave romantic notes

If the time spent at home is almost a “stop” to get kids to school or extracurricular activities, take a second of neglect and leave a romantic note, even if it’s not Valentine’s Day.

“How beautiful you are today” written on a piece of paper and stuck in the refrigerator; “Remember that I love you” with your keys … it costs nothing, and you will love it. Maybe you take it and want to return it.

6. Celebrations

Small successes know better if they are celebrated together. One day, reach a goal … why not celebrate it together?

This can be the perfect excuse to be romantic and have a special dessert or open this bottle of wine, why not? Great achievements will come, but while you can celebrate the little ones.

7. “Please” and “thank you”, small gestures

We teach our children that it is necessary to ask for things and thank them when we get them, but sometimes we forget them at home with the person closest to us.

In thanking him, our partner feels more appreciated (and it usually has the effect of behaving in this way), and we will also be an example for our children and will be romantic.

8. Find a moment alone

Kids, work, extracurricular activities, outings with friends … the weekend and we barely found the place to talk quietly to our partner and to feel “in love” …

The best option is that if the weather does not come naturally, you will find it: for example, you can set the alarm 15 minutes earlier and use this time to wake up quietly and encourage communication with your partner.

9. Romantic gifts

A romantic gift is not necessarily Valentine’s Day cake. We bought it for no apparent reason, simply because we wanted to give him that little surprise or because we could not help but think about him.

A bar of chocolate, a plate that you saw in this store, the shirt of this brand that you like … small details that will surprise and delight you and show you how much you still remember.

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