How to maintain a long-lasting marriage

How to Maintain a long-lasting Marriage

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How to Maintain a long-lasting Marriage – Couples know each other, there is an attraction, they go out, they fall in love and they get married as a natural conclusion. However, making this decision is not the end of a path, but a step in the story of a few. The marriage itself solves nothing, it is not proof of intense love in the couple and does not make two people together (or happy) for the rest of their lives. How do you make a marriage that is not only sustainable but also happy? This may vary from person to person, but here are some general guidelines:

Sorry, do not let the hassle take up a lot of your time and time. To forgive oneself above the ego and our own perception is to give true love and to understand that we are all human and therefore imperfect. Think about the day you make a mistake, you also want to be forgiven. The sense of humor is the best remedy against bad mood.


Although people change with time and experience, these changes only happen positively if they are motivated by their own desire. Remember that the person you fell in love with was very similar to the person next to you and the things you had at one time bothered you, you loved him. Do not ask someone to change, accept and love them as they are.


The routine can be the main cause of deterioration and, ultimately, the end of the marriage. However, it is wrong to think that you have to do extraordinary, extraordinary things to refresh your relationship. A gift that is given for no reason, a love letter in your wallet or an invitation to watch your favorite director’s latest film, all the little details that clearly say “I love you” and “I care”.

Being Independent

Spending time as a couple is important for its foundations, but the loss of people in their waters is counterproductive. Let him live his dreams and support him, take advantage of these spaces to live on you. The only way for a couple to be happy is if both individuals who invent it are happy.

How to maintain a long-lasting marriage


Your partner is in your life to improve it, not to be life itself or to become your property. Do not send them, remember that both are adults and if you can expect respect, you must give it.

Love yourself

The phrase “you can not love anyone else until you love yourself” is absolutely true. Your happiness can not depend on someone you are not, would not be healthy and your partner would impose a heavy burden on you.

Working as a team

Maintaining a sustainable and happy marriage means working both ways, but it does not have to be complex. We give you some tips to achieve this. – Gather things, consult your projects, do not assume that the other person will do or do not do something. Think and act not as a unit, but as a team.

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