How the chemistry of happy relationships works

How The Chemistry of Happy Relationships Works

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How The Chemistry of Happy Relationships Works – At one point in our lives, we were happy, very happy and even relaxed. Sometimes these are very special occasions that have even been recorded in our memory and we still hope that on many other occasions, in everyday life, we can experience the same pleasant and enjoyable sensations.

Especially when we fall in love, the feeling of happiness and well-being in general that we experience is very clear; everything seems good in our lives, but sometimes these pleasant feelings can disappear suddenly, gradually or for a long time.

When we meet someone, the feeling of well-being and happiness begins; and when the couple falls in love, their life is transformed and everything seems to be honey above the flakes because their hormones work to their full potential.

Happiness hormones

They are called dopamine, serotonin, endorphins, and oxytocin because they are the chemical explanation of those emotions and sensations so pleasant that we all enjoyed them once and maintain or destroy mainly our social relations and love.

Now let’s see how these hormones work, what their function is in our relationships and, in particular, what we can do to use them to our advantage and benefit from them.

Like other hormones, they are endorphins that are released into the blood by the spinal cord; in fact, natural opiates that the body produces naturally are worth redundancy. All these endorphins are stored in the hypothalamus and are released at the request of the body for:

  • Calm search
  • Improve our moods
  • Reduce pain
  • Delay aging
  • Strengthens the immune system
  • Reduce blood pressure
  • Less fear

There are many activities that help release endorphins, such as playing or dancing, so when you do it, you laugh, you benefit, and most importantly, you help build and strengthen your interpersonal relationships.

Keep this information in mind as we will review all of them.


This hormone is the main cause of pleasure and motivation. Its absence is linked to Alzheimer’s disease, so you can understand its relevance in our lives. How can we take advantage of it to strengthen our relationship?

Sleep together

For health, we must all sleep 7 to 9 hours for this hormone can work well. Sleeping with our partner and waking up at your side creates and maintains a strong emotional bond that will keep the relationship going for years.

Try to sleep with good feelings, to rest and with a good attitude. Say goodnight to your husband and hello; A confused sleep makes the relationship full of confidence and good feelings for both.

Four achievements

This sense of achieving a purpose that makes us happy can be extended when we share common goals and when we celebrate them together, as a couple. Try it! Together, you can keep your motivation until you reach it. If we do our part, dopamine will do the trick.

To exercise

Again, the motivation and enjoyment of practicing a sport can be enhanced when we do it as a couple or when we support our man in his efforts, as well as when he does it with your family, encourages you.


It is said that if each of us did something so that our body produced this hormone regularly, the number of depressions and divorces would be reduced. This is because serotonin is responsible for improving our mood. So imagine that every time we get angry, or just want to disappear, we can do something to change our feelings and prevent unnecessary battles. long, weaken our relationship.

If you feel bad, consider doing some of these activities first, alone and when needed, invite your spouse and family to practice them.

Be grateful

Write a note for someone, start by thanking your husband for the good he did for you, you will see how all your feeling begins to change little by little until you feel a pleasant sensation and your discomfort disappears.

Enjoy nature

Walk around and stop to recreate the view. I particularly like plants and with pots, I could make a small garden where I go if I feel uncomfortable or angry.

How the chemistry of happy relationships works

Have a positive attitude

There is a habit that we can all develop, the fact is that we can look for the bright side of things. There is a saying that says, “Prepare for the worst but the best”


Better known as pure happiness. All our relationships and especially romantic relationships can radically get better and expand thanks to. When we dance together, we sing and have fun.

There is no need to go somewhere or pay for lessons to enjoy something at home that we can do as we see fit.

In our family, singing is the best thing we prefer to do. As a result, we almost always dance together. It is obvious that when we are ready, we all feel happy and relaxed.

Singing encouraged us even in the most difficult moments of the loss of a family member and in the long run, became a sweet memory that keeps us united


This is the hormone that we have to take care of for most weddings and believe me, it’s very easy to do!

Kiss and kiss your loved ones every day and long your spouse.

Be generous with others: there is a lot of fun helping and helping others.

Pray and meditate: if it’s right to do it personally, imagine how wonderful it can be to do it as a couple!

Take the time to enjoy together. The chemistry of our body does its part, but we must make ours bring out the magic. Remember, when it comes to our partner and our family, it’s always worth it!

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